CC 2800-1 Narrow Track Crawler Crane

Cc 2800 1 Nt In Hawaii 10 10963762
Terex 10835350

The Terex CC 2800-1 NT (Narrow-Track) crawler crane is designed for traveling to the jobsite on narrow roads with a fully equipped boom system. The CC 2800-1 NT is based on a conventional CC 2800-1 with Quadro crawler drive and quick connection for the superstructure.

  • Terex-Quadro crawler drive for turning on spot
  • Low center of gravity due to innovative outrigger design and suspended counterweight
  • Jack-up cylinders have sufficient stroke (750 mm) to level the crane on terrains with a 2° slope in any direction
  • Narrow-Track-Kit includes: car body (12-ft. 5-in. track width) with front and rear outriggers; 2 outrigger pads for front/rear outriggers; 2 sideways outriggers with outrigger pads; counterweight suspension frame
  • Sideways outriggers can be folded upways hydraulically for travel
  • Control system with remote control unit
  • Additional graphical color display on rear of car body
  • Maximum gradeability: 10 degrees
  • Maximum permissible sideways inclination of crane during travel: between 2 and 2.4 degrees depending on boom length

Datasheet: Terex CC 2800-1 Narrow Track Crawler Crane

Hawaii Wind Farm Projects Succeed With Narrow Track Terex Crane 

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