Tadano ATF 400G-6 All-Terrain Crane

450-ton crane comes standard with Tadano's exclusive lift-and-release adjuster that provides automatic radius correction to minimize load sway caused by boom deflection

Tadano Atf 400 G 6
Tadano 11080557

The redesigned 450-ton-capacity ATF 400G-6 six-axle crane has a modern chassis design with enhanced lower cab features and  a five-section main boom that extends from 49.2 to 196.8 ft. With the optional 101.7-ft.-long fully hydraulic telescopic luffing jib, the maximum tip height is 410 ft. 

  • Maximum counterweight of 299,828 lbs. facilitates the ability to lift 83,800 lbs. out to a 46-ft. radius with the boom fully extended
  • Upperstructure powerecd by a 297-hp Mercedes-Benz Tier 4 Final engine and chassis uses a 625-hp Mercedes-Benz OM 473LA inline six-cylinder, Tier 4 Final engine
  • Electrically activated tiltable cockpit 
  • Lift-Adjuster Safety System provides radius correction for boom deflection under load
  • Asymmetrical outrigger function allows for multiple outrigger positions in all quadrants
  • Onboard calculation of slew angle and capacity limitation and a ‘slow-stop’ feature prevent swaying of the load and overloading
  • Lower chassis redesign includes enhanced LED lighting, flat front windscreen, increased visibility, disc brakes, tire pressure monitor system, tightly sealed outrigger control boxes and in-cab monitor with full onboard diagnostics
  • Lower ZF HD-Tronic transmission
  • 12x8x12 driveline system with longitudinal and transverse differential locks and a deep reduction gear  
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