Venturo VC1000 Van Crane

The Venturo van crane, a first of its kind in the industry, features a horizontally articulated jib boom and 1,000-lb. capacity at maximum reach


The newest addition to the Venco Venturo product lines include the all-new Venturo VC1000 Van Crane for the Ford Transit and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter models. This crane is revolutionary in the industry for its maximum weight capacity of 1,000 lb. and reach of 6 ft. for the work van market. The crane utilizes a unique dual floor and ceiling mounted telescopic mast that integrates with the van structure itself to ensure maximum structural integrity.

The telescopic mast will allow it to fit within the Transit Mid & High Roof and also Sprinter Standard & High Roof models. The crane also features two unique rotation control features for the primary and secondary booms which utilize two hand levers that operate multi-positional locks. This key feature adds an additional safeguard for the operators as the load is being loaded and unloaded. The Venturo VC1000  allows safe and productive material handling without the need for a forklift or a heavy, expensive liftgate.

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