CM Labs Luffing Tower Crane Training Pack

Feature-rich simulation-based training platform includes a structured set of scenarios to promote crane skills development

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CM Labs Simulations has released the Luffing Tower Crane (LTC) Training Pack, a feature-rich simulation-based training platform built on the highly realistic Vortex Studio simulation and visualization software. It includes a structured set of scenarios designed to promote crane skills development.

  • Included load charts and lift plans build awareness of the crane’s capabilities and the tasks to be performed before starting operations
  • Nighttime operation mode provides experience working at any time of day
  • Customizable scoring for each scenario allows instructor to evaluate the operator’s performance according to their own standards
  • Optional visualization tools allow student operator to see the boom tip and hook block in relation to lift objects, providing a quick feedback tool for assessing depth
  • All features also available in a simultaneous update of the existing Flat-Top Tower Crane Training Pack
  • Available for deployment across the full catalog of Vortex Construction Equipment Simulators

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