Venturo ET12KX-P Electric-Hydraulic Telescopic Crane

Features proportional control and full-power boom extension

Venturo Et12 Kxp
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The Venturo ET12KX-P is a 3,500-lb. electric-hydraulic service crane with a fully powered boom extension up to 16 ft.

  • 9- to 16-ft. one-piece hexagonal boom minimizes weight and maximizes reach and sectional stability
  • Easier access to rear housing enables better serviceability and reduces weight in the crane
  • Rugged, compact Auto-Adjust Anti-Two Block device automatically adjusts to the boom angle to minimize hook-to-boom tip height
  • Dual-pole slip ring in the center of the crane provides consistent and uninterrupted positive and ground paths with unlimited, continuous rotation
  • Electrical components perform better and last much longer than most industry electric-hydraulic cranes
  • Proportional controls provide precise load control functions including rotation, elevation and extension
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