Liebherr EC-B series cranes

Liebherr presents the 340 EC-B of its newest Flat-Top series at Conexpo Con/Agg 2020.

Liebherr Ec B Flat Top Cranes 96dpi
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Models with fibre rope feature: more load capacity, longer service life and easier handling 

  • Increased comfort for crane operators with the new LiCAB cabin and an intuitive user interface 
  • At full jib length, all eight units are among the largest in their class
  • Three of the eight units are equipped with fibre rope and therefore have ‘fibre’ added to their product title.
  • Fibre rope’s service life is four times longer than steel rope and it enables fibre cranes to work with a significantly higher load capacity
  • Handling is noticeably easier compared to steel rope  
  • The first eight units of the new series already cover a wide range of services – from small city to large handling cranes, it’s all there
  • As a result, the maximum load capacities range from 13,200 to 35,200 lbs (6 to 16 t) and the maximum jib head load capacities range from 3,500 to 13,200 lbs (1.6 to 2.8 t) – working at a maximum radius
  • At full jib length, the units are among the largest in their class
  • The two largest cranes in the series, the 340 EC-B 12 and the 370 EC-B 12 Fibre each have a reach of up to 255 ft (78 m)
  • The new LiCAB cabin is significantly larger and has a greater field of vision
  • The new top-slewing cranes have a new, central control element: a multi-touch display
  • Integrated advertising panels are part of the new design and offer improved promotional visibility
  • These are equipped with soLITE high-tensile fibre rope
  • As well as the fibre cranes offering up to 20% more jib head load capacity when compared to cranes using steel rope, the service life of fibre rope is also four times longer than steel rope
  • As the fibre rope only weighs around a fifth of steel rope, reeving the hoist rope is also significantly easier in terms of handling
  • Maintenance is less complicated as the fibre rope needs no lubrication
  • With more than 21.5 ft² (2 m²) of space
  • As well as ergonomically positioned operating elements, crane operators will find a variety of storage options and surfaces – including details like a cup holder
  • The new cabin has several electrical power sockets for small electrical appliances and accessories
  • USB interfaces to provide power for items such as smartphones
  • It is also possible to make phone calls via a hands-free system using Bluetooth and to play your own music
  • The new 12-inch multi-touch display ensures all cabin control functions are integrated
  • All control settings, such as scaling via the newly developed scaling assistant, setting the enhanced ABB operating-range limiting system and using the trolley camera can all be done via the display
  • Comfort functions such as air conditioning, radio and windshield wipers are also controlled via the new display
  • Whenever there is an update available for the Tower Crane Operating System, this is indicated on the display and can be loaded with a single tap of the finger
  • The LiCAB Basic, the LiCAB Air with air conditioning, and the premium LiCAB AirPlus version with air conditioning, double glazing and tiltable side windows
  • The now widely recognised bi-color design of Liebherr tower cranes is part of the new EC-B series
  • Upon customer request, the yellow sections can be easily and cost-effectively adapted to the respective company’s colors
  • The crane’s advertising panels are twice as large as previous options – without any loss of assembly height
  • The 340 EC-B 12 and the 370 EC-B 12 Fibre both offer customers an additional 97 ft² (8.5 m²) of advertising space for company logos and advertising slogans, with the additional option of lighting
  • The new EC-B’s compact head, jib and trolley are lighter than their predecessors
  • The jib is now so narrow that three jib sections fit onto a truck bed
  • Compared with similar Liebherr cranes, even the shortest jib requires one whole transport truck less – and at least two less at maximum radius
  • The new cranes have also been designed with optimized quick assembly connections for jibs and counter-jibs, to make assembly even easier and, above all else, safer
  • The new EC-B series makes use of the tower systems’ performance capacity
  • Even the current largest, new EC-B, the 370 EC-B 12 Fibre, works using the 21 HC 290 tower system with corner posts measuring only 6,900 ft (2.1 m)
  • Liebherr has also developed a new tower system, the 12 EC 125, for the 125 EC-B 6 as part of the new series
  • With its extremely slim corner posts measuring 3,900 ft (1.2 m), the 12 EC tower system is particularly suitable for construction sites where space is very limited
  • The 12 EC tower system comes in two lifting capacities: the 12 EC 100 and the 12 EC 125
  • The first eight cranes in the new EC-B series are the 125 EC-B 6, the 220 EC-B 10, the 220 EC-B 12, the 240 EC-B 10 Fibre, the 240 EC-B 12 Fibre, the 340 EC-B 12, the 340 EC-B 16 and the 370 EC-B 12 Fibre

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