Liebherr Offers 25 L and 33 L Cranes

The 25 L and 33 L cranes are equipped with Liebherr Control 5 hardware and Tower Crane OS (Tower Crane Operating System 2).

The 25 L and 33 L cranes are equipped with Liebherr Control 5 hardware and Tower Crane OS (Tower Crane Operating System 2).
The 25 L and 33 L cranes are equipped with Liebherr Control 5 hardware and Tower Crane OS (Tower Crane Operating System 2).

Liebherr offers the 25 L and 33 L cranes for construction projects. These new L cranes are being launched with changes to the structural steelwork, an upgraded hydraulic system and a new modular drive system.

The cranes feature a standardized radio remote control for all new Liebherr bottom-slewing cranes. The standardized operating concept helps switch between the L and K series, which increases flexibility and reduces the amount of training required.

Control System and Operating System

The L series fast-erecting cranes feature the fifth generation Liebherr Control 5. This control system is already being used by a number of other Liebherr Group construction machines, including mobile excavators, dumpers, deep foundation equipment, mobile harbor cranes and wheel loaders.

Software wise, the cranes are fitted with the second generation Tower Crane OS (Tower Crane Operating System 2). This means that the cranes feature a new user interface, which top-slewing cranes from the EC-B series began using in 2021. The new control system opens the door to new assistance systems and the software architecture itself is designed for future expansion. Assistance systems that are possible with the new control system are designed to support safety around operations and processes.

Sway Control Assistance System

All L series models come equipped with the Sway Control assistance system for load sway damping. In line with the theme “Drive the load, not the drives”, the system detects movements in the direction of slewing and trolley travel that can cause loads to sway. The intelligent load sway damping system actively counteracts and corrects such movements. This can be helpful for inexperienced users or those who only occasionally operate a crane. Sway Control assists with the avoiding of critical safety situations and facilitates safe load handling. The L series offers a first look at Liebherr assistance systems that can be retrofit.

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Dimensions and Performance

“The L series marks the start of a new development generation and sets the standard for future products,” said Clemens Maier, product manager at Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH. “Nothing has changed in terms of the cranes’ compact dimensions and powerful performance. The new Liebherr control system provides us with new, innovative crane operator assistance systems and is optimally designed for current and future requirements.”

The cranes offer the Micromove fine positioning mode, which enables careful positioning of loads. This protects the prefabricated parts being positioned as well as the surrounding structure. In addition to this, the Speed2Lift function automatically selects the maximum speed possible with each load.

As with the fast-erecting cranes of the previous L1 series, the jib lengths remain unchanged: 25 or 27 m for the 25 L and 30 m for the 33 L. Ballast and transport axle options are also available for the L series, allowing the machines to be used with flexibility. Intelligent assistance systems, assembly and handling coupled with a compact footprint allows the cranes to be used by construction firms and crane rental businesses as well as for timber frame companies.

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