Cat TiltRotate System-(TRS)

Caterpiller has added a TRS to expand the versatility of the mini excavator.

Cat Rotator3
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Caterpillar Work Tools now has a TiltRotate System (TRS) for Cat Next Gen mini excavators.

  • The new TRS6 and TRS8 models allow attached work tools (including buckets, forks, grapples, brooms, and compactors) to rotate 360 degrees and tilt 40 degrees side-to-side
  • The new TRS models multiply the mini excavator’s versatility and are available in various configurations to match the application
  • TRS models have two interfaces: a top interface that connects the TRS to the carrier machine; and a bottom interface that connects various work tools to the TRS
  • The four configurations for the TRS6 allow the user to choose between an S-Type hydraulic-coupler or pin-on top interface, and, whether the TRS is equipped with an integral grapple (which can be used with a work tool attached)
  • All TRS6 models use an S-Type hydraulic coupler for the bottom interface'
  • The four configurations for the model TRS8 allow selecting an S-Type coupler for both the top and bottom interfaces, or, a pin-on top interface and pin-grabber coupler bottom interface, and whether the TRS has an integral grapple (The pin-on/pin-grabber configuration is not available with the integral grapple)
  • The compact design of the TRS6 and TRS8 models allow the mini excavator to maintain high digging forces, and a reinforced gearbox with a specially designed bearing ring distributes working forces to reduce stress on the TRS and the host machine
  • Also, a no-maintenance lubrication system for the rotation system effectively distributes heat
  • The high-torque rotation system quickly positions work tools, and an integral self-locking mechanism enables digging at any angle required
  • A single grease point on TRS8 models provides grease to all joints requiring lubrication
  • The double-acting tilt cylinder has integrated load-hold valves that sustain holding pressures and prevent cylinder movement under load
  • The cylinder also features hardened pistons and maintenance-free bearings, and its scratch-resistant, rust-proof surfaces require no maintenance
  • An integrated, dealer-installed field control kit, which includes specially designed joysticks, suits all boom-and-stick combinations and provides intuitive control of the TRS and integral grapple
  • The TRS monitor informs the operator of the attachment’s position, and an engagement/disengagement sensor assures that work tools are secured via a safety locking mechanism with an indicator
  • A bucket-shake feature for TRS8 models, activated by a joystick button, facilitates even spreading of materials
  • TRS6 models are designed for the Cat 306 CR mini excavator
  • TRS8 models using the S-Type coupler for both top and bottom interfaces fit models 307.5, 308, 308.5, 309 and 310
  • One of the two remaining TRS8 models, using the pin-on/pin-grabber interfaces, is designed for the 307.5, 308, 308.5 and 309; the other is designed for the 310



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