Boxer 525DX Mini Skid Steer

The Boxer 525DX compact utility loader is Boxer’s solution to meet federal government Tier 4 Final EPA emission regulations for diesel engines — replacing the Boxer 532DX

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The Boxer 525DX is the only compact utility loader on the market to offer a hydraulically expandable undercarriage, allowing the operator to expand or retract the undercarriage for passages as narrow as 36 in. wide — then expand back for increased stability while in operation. The unit also features dual remote auxiliary outlets to operate more complex attachments that both rotate and swing, such as a hydraulic angling broom or power box rake, dozer blades and stump grinders.

  • Redesigned hydraulic package provides smoother drive controls and improved simultaneous functionality
  • Improved protection of the radiator and hydraulic oil cooler components
  • Increased track adjustment length to extend usable track life
  • Push-button, boom-mounted pressure relief block releases residual machine pressure to make hydraulic attachment connections quick and easy
  • More than 50 attachments available
  • Hydraulic float feature makes leveling work easy       
  • Crawl valve allows operator finite adjustment to place hydraulic output where needed; simple rotary valve on the operator’s console allows the operator to control oil flow between the drive and attachment to optimize attachment performance                   
  • Spring-cushioned operator platform provides improved ergonomics and attachment visibility resulting in improved operator comfort and reduced fatigue
  • Rubber tracks provide excellent tractive effort with minimal ground disturbance

Spec Sheet: Boxer 525DX Compact Utility Loader

[Video] Boxer 525DX & Okada ORV250LT Hydraulic Breaker

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