Bobcat MT85 Mini Track Loader

Features an increased rated operating capacity, higher lifting height and greater reach for improved productivity

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At 850 lbs., the 3,110-lb. MT85 mini track loader has a 35% higher rated operating capacity (ROC) than prior mini track loader iterations, and can lift materials higher thanks to a 12% increase in lift height (80.9-in. lift height to hinge pin).

  • Lift arm breakout force increased by 29%
  • Features a 25-hp Tier 4-compliant diesel engine and 12-gpm auxiliary hydraulic flow
  • Dual ISO joystick controls include a left-hand joystick to control drive function and a right-hand joystick to control lift and tilt functions
  • Higher forward travel speed of 4 mph (+23%) and 2.3 mph when operating in reverse
  • Standard operator presence/safety pedal, ride-on platform, hip pads, larger grab handles, cup holder and storage compartment
  • Roller on back of loader frame helps reduce vibration and provide a smoother ride
  • Measures 36 in. with narrow tracks or 44 in. with wide tracks
  • Optional common industry interface (CII) or Bob-Tach attachment mounting system