Skid Steer Attachments Product Spotlight May 2010

Pavement maintenance attachments for your skid steer.

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Pickup Broom


  • Attaches to almost any skid steer
  • Controlled down force and reduced bristle side wear
  • Dual direction direct-drive hydraulic motor to drive the broom at the appropriate speed and direction for forward and reverse sweeping
  • Options: gutter broom, caster wheels, sprinkler, brush type and configuration


Coneqtec / Universal

SP Stripe Remover


The SP-200 comes standard with high-speed flails or an optional high pic count drum for removing a thin surface layer.

  • Side pivot floating head design handles uneven surfaces lengthwise and crosswise
  • Precision depth adjustment
  • High-speed direct drive motor
  • Designed for fast removal of stripes from road surface


Coneqtec / Universal

EDGE Grader with Laser System


The 96-in. EDGE grader blade features an in-cab control box with a proportional current valve that ensures consistent, steady adjustments to blade height, angle and tilt.

  • Reversible and replaceable cutting edge with optional end plate kit
  • Comes complete with hoses and flat face couplers
  • Optional Laser System offers an accuracy up to 3,000 ft. in diameter and simple one cable attachment

The EDGE Grader blade attachment can turn a skid steer into a high-performance grading machine. It features a 96-in. blade, in-cab hydraulically controlled angle and tilt, and a reversible/replaceable cutting edge. Use the laser system for precise control that results in material and labor savings and a perfect grade every time.


CEAttachments Inc.

SweepEx Mega 600


The SweepEx Mega 600 broom attachment is built with a 60-in.-long mainframe to address cleanup, material handling and snow removal applications.

  • Mounting kits for forklifts, bucket lips, three-point hitches (Class 1 and 2) and skid-steer pivots available
  • Built with no moving parts
  • Polypropylene brush sections offer durability and flexibility
  • Includes 11 brush rows for maximum cleaning power


TrynEx International

PL and PLB Cold Planers


Simex offers asphalt and concrete cold planers to be matched with skid-steer loaders, loaders, backhoe-loaders and excavators.


Simex s.r.l.

SBU 340 Breaker


The 725-lb. SBU 340 solid body breaker features an energy recovery design that enables a 3 dB(A) noise reduction and 40% to 53% reduction in vibration levels.

  • Designed for carriers in the 9,920-lb. to 19,840-lb. weight class
  • Incorporates double retainer bars, full-length floating tool bushing and a simple tool retainer lock mechanism
  • 1,380-bpm blow frequency
  • 24-gpm oil flow rate with 2,176-psi operating pressure


Atlas Copco Construction Equipment LLC

RS10 Road Saw

Zanetis RS10 Road Saw

  • The RS10 Road Saw can be used to cut expansion joints, pavement patchwork, utility laterals and traffic loops.
  • 2.5- and 4.5-in. cutting widths with 10-in. cutting depth capability
  • Hydraulic depth and side shift control
  • Front access door eases tooth and holder replacement
  • Carbide cutting teeth
  • Flush-mounted planetary torque hub
  • Zanetis Power Attachments
  • PRE21184
  • Zanetis RS10 Road Saw
  • The RS10 Road Saw attachment for high-flow skid steers uses carbide cutting teeth to gnaw through concrete, 1/2-in. rebar and frozen ground. The saw attachment features 2.5- and 4.5-in. cutting widths, a 10-in. cutting depth capability, and hydraulic depth and side shift control. A front access door eases tooth and holder replacement , while a flush-mounted planetary torque hub allows for greater right side clearance.


Zanetis Power Attachments



The Hedgehog broom attachment from Python is a skid steer attachment that can sweep all kinds of jobs from construction sites to parking lots. The attachment features parallel linkage allowing the broom to float at optimum pressure. An upright storage position protect the broom and allows for quick and easy attachment.


Python Mfg. Inc.

TKO-2513 Scarifier/Planer Attachment


  • Used in combination with a skid steer
  • Heavy-duty bi-directional hydraulic motor for up cut or down cut
  • For fast surface preparation, heavy removal of asphalt, thermoplastic lines, paints, coatings, concrete, and more
  • Quad-spring suspension for constant ground contact
  • Precision depth control


Kut-Rite Manufacturing

FFC Attachments Cold Planers


The FFC Cold Planer attached to skid-steer loaders to mill asphalt and concrete surfaces. Using a "V" shaped pick patter on the drum, the teeth are evenly spread for a smooth, balanced operation and the "V" shape helps carry material over the drum and behind the planer to clear the working area. Four teeth are mounted on both outside drum edges to accommodate the highest wear areas. The FFC Cold Planer can be used on skid steers with 13 to 45 gpm hydraulic flows; standard flow models are available in 12- and 16-in. cutting widths. High flow models are available in cutting widths from 16 to 36 in. The cold planer also features a 24-in. left or right side shift.


Paladin Construction Group

EDGE Hopper Broom


The EDGE Hopper Broom is a bi-directional, single-motor collection broom that sweeps in forward and reverse.

  • 60-, 72- and 84-in. widths
  • Come complete with hoses and couplers to fit most skid-steer loaders
  • Front and side steps allow for easy access from the cab
  • Front bumper and no caster wheels allow operation close to objects
  • Rubber skirt and protecting shroud keep dirt and debris contained
  • Quick-change broom sections allow for easy replacement


CEAttachments Inc.

SitePro SSGB-8 Grader Blade


The SitePro SSGB-8 grader blade is designed for asphalt, landscaping and concrete flatwork contractors.

  •  8-ft. six-way hydraulically controlled moldboard with 25° rotation/tilt
  • Features an in-cab remote, shear pin protection and a reversible cutting edge
  • Optional laser system controls


Worksaver Inc.

Planer Attachments


Bobcat's planer attachments for skid steers, all-wheel steers and compact track loaders. The planer attachments are good for milling potholes, alligator cracks and other defects, matching uneven pavement surfaces, cutting drainage, making street repairs, and cleaning around larger milling machines. Cutting widths are available in 14, 18, 24, and 40 in. All models feature a hinged top panel for easy inspection and replacement. Bits are retained by expansion rings instead of C-clips.


Bobcat Co. - Doosan Infracore