Today's Skid Steers

A staple on every jobsite, today’s skid steers range from compact powerhouses built to fit in the tightest spaces up to hefty workhorses able to keep pace with much larger pieces of equipment.

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A staple on every jobsite, today’s skid steers range from compact powerhouses built to fit in the tightest spaces up to hefty workhorses able to keep pace with much larger pieces of equipment.

Whatever your needs are, you can find a skid steer model to fit the bill. Manufacturers today are offering more and more models and a greater range of features to help operators get the job done and assist you in serving those operators.

The following pages include a listing of what many leading manufacturers have to offer in the way of skid steers. For more information on any of these models, please use the reader service card included in this issue.

Bobcat skid steers provide enhanced visibility from a deluxe, enclosed cab with high-tech instrument panel. Two-speed travel provides speeds up to 7 mph in low or up to 12 mph in high range. An advanced control system provides a choice between hand or feet controls. You can also choose between ISO or H pattern joystick controls. Other features include ride control and the Power Bob-Tach mounting system that allows easy utilization of more than 60 job-matched attachments.

Volvo Construction
Volvo skid steers incorporate a one-piece mainframe and heavy-duty endless drive chains for added durability. They provide greater breakout force, standard auxiliary hydraulics and added visibility. Additional features include a wider cab with adjustable seat, long service intervals and easy access to service points.

Thomas Equipment
Thomas Equipment manufactures a complete line of skid steers, as well as mini-skid and track loaders. The units incorporate heavy, rugged construction and are built to take the daily abuse of heavy-duty work cycles without complaint. All models feature Kubota diesel power, as well as high ground speeds and breakout forces.

Case Construction Equipment
The new Case 400 Series skid steers come in five radial- and three vertical-lift models featuring an extra heavy-duty design, Tier II-certified engines, improved reliability and efficiency and ease of service. Models 430 and above have a two-speed option for quicker travel around the jobsite. An easy-tilt ROPS/cab facilitates serviceability. Other features include low-effort controls, improvements in auxiliary hydraulics and improved instrumentation.

Komatsu America
Komatsu skid steers are equipped with the patented Automatic Power Control (APC), HydrauMind hydraulics and standard two-speed transmission. APC allows the operator to work at full power during any phase of the job without concern for engine stall-out. The HydrauMind hydraulic system allows simultaneous machine functions without sacrificing speed, engine power or performance. Various options and features are also available.

New Holland Construction
The LS Series SuperBoom skid steers feature greater visibility, more lift capacity, better stability, added durability and better dump height and reach. Added performance and operator comfort are packed into compact frame sizes to enable efficient operation in tight, narrow and confined spaces. The units are suited for various applications, including landscaping, construction or demolition.

John Deere
The 300 Series skid steers incorporate a unified design, optimal 60/40 weight distribution, a low center of gravity, long wheelbase and large tires for greater stability and productivity. Other features include a patented vertical-lift boom, turbocharged high-torque diesel engines, smooth, responsive servo controls, added pushing power and breakout force and high visibility around the machine.

Gehl Co.
The 40 Series is a mid-size family of skid loaders featuring higher horsepower, higher load capacity, more hydraulic power, spacious cabs, control choices, Deutz 2011 Series engines and an engine auto-shutdown system. The 7810 skid loader provides lift heights of almost 12 ft., operating load ratings up to 3,675 lbs., turbo diesel engines at 115 hp and ground speeds up to 13 mph.

JCB Inc.
The 190 and 1110 Robot skid steers are available with wheels or high-drive rubber track systems. The units feature a single loader arm mounted in a low-level, single tower on the right-hand side of the machine. This design provides greater visibility with an unhindered view to the rear and right-hand side. With no left-hand loader tower, visibility is completely clear to the left side of the loader.