Paladin High-Flow Forestry Disk Mulcher

The new FD60 Offers quick, one-step solution for felling, mulching, and stump-grinding.

Stanley Infrastructure

The Paladin FD60 High-Flow Forestry Disk Mulcher accomplishes felling, mulching, and stump-grinding in a quick, one-step process.

  • Maximizes uptime, minimizes service intervals and withstands aggressive use in various conditions
  • Design considerably reduces jamming risk and increases productivity with a wide-angle intake and efficient drive system that rapidly recovers speed
  • MulchPower Gauge enables operators to see when maximum rotational energy is stored in the disk to hit trees with full-strength capacity
  • Reinforced Debris Shovel gets under trees and logs, keeping edge teeth out of the dirt
  • 100% QUADCO teeth offer optimal cutting performance and simple service, with identical teeth on top, bottom, edge and interior cutting surfaces
  • Balanced 100% Solid Machined QUADCO Disk integrates seamlessly into the hydraulics
  • Zero-maintenance bearing housing 
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