Backhoe-loaders: Ensure Accident-free Transport

Make sure your operators know the correct procedure to load backhoe-loaders safely.

Some reported accidents occur while operators are trying to load backhoe-loaders onto trailers. Make sure your operators know the correct procedure to load the machine safely.

"Depending upon the departure angle of the transport trailer, sometimes it is better to load a backhoe-loader by backing it onto a trailer," says Greg Worley, Caterpillar. "This is especially true if you are loading a machine with no bucket or a light work tool on the front. A machine with the boom locked and the swing cast transport in place is safe to transport. However, it is best to lay the boom out if possible. This will lower your overall transport height for getting under low bridges, buildings and barriers."

Properly strap the machine to the trailer. "Get the machine up on the trailer and lower all of the attachments and buckets onto the trailer bed," advises Jim Blower, JCB. "That way you can strap them down. You also lower your transport height, as well."

"Due to the weight of the backhoe-loader, four independent chains should be used to secure the machine to the trailer," adds Worley. "Cat designs convenient tiedown points on its machines for this purpose."

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