Kubota L47 and M62 Tractor-Loader-Backhoes

Kubota introduces two new 4WD loader and landscaper utility tractors, the L47 and M62, replacing the L39, L45 and M59 models in this unique line, available as either tractor-loaders (TL) or tractor-loader-backhoes (TLB).

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The 47.1-hp (gross) L47 and 63-hp (gross) M62 four-wheel-drive loader and landscaper utility tractors are powered by Kubota diesel engines and hydrostatic transmissions, and are available in tractor-loader (TL) or tractor-loader-backhoe (TLB) configurations.

  • L47 boasts a 10-ft. digging depth and a bucket digging force of 5,825 lbs., while the M62 has a 14-ft. digging depth and a 6,572-lb. bucket digging force
  • Lever-engaged backhoe crawling mode allows the operator to slowly creep the unit forward or backward while remaining at the backhoe controls
  • Tier 4 Final, turbocharged, four-cylinder diesel engines use a common rail direct injection system
  • Hydraulic coupler allows attachment and release of the front implement with the press of two dashboard buttons
  • Fuel tank capacity increased to 17.7 gal.
  • Four-point rear quick-mount system allows for easy detachment of the backhoe
  • Feature an independent PTO, 27% increase in space at the operator’s feet while operating the backhoe, a throttle-up switch that increases engine rpm while holding vehicle speed steady and low-effort electronic throttle lever and PTO switch

Spec Sheet: Kubota L47 Tractor-loader-backhoe

Video: Kubota L47 Tractor-loader-backhoe

Spec Sheet: Kubota M62 Tractor-loader-backhoe

Video: Kubota M62 Tractor-loader-backhoe

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