CASE DL550B Compact Dozer Loader

Introduced at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 as “Project Minotaur,” the DL550B is the construction industry’s first fully integrated compact dozer loader.

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The Case DL550B Minotaur leverages the footprint of a compact track loader (CTL) with the chassis-integrated C-frame and blade of a dozer to create a powerful two-in-one machine for grading and loading applications.

  • Features a true dozer-style undercarriage for optimal dozing performance and is available in either steel or rubber track configurations to provide contractors with extreme flexibility based on the types of turf/jobs they work on
  • CASE Universal Machine Control allows it to be outfitted straight from the dealer with any of the three major suppliers of grade/machine control technologies and is compatible with CASE SiteControl CoPilot, which provides a mastless machine control experience with basic control of slope/grade
  • Img 1182The machine weighs approximately 18,000 lbs. and operates at 114 hp
  • Features a six-way blade and a c-frame that attaches directly into the chassis and primary coupler of the machine. This design provides the stability and smooth operating plane of a small dozer and ensures that all operating power and stress is channeled through the chassis instead of the attachment coupler and arms of the machine (compared to a basic dozer blade attachment on a CTL)
  • Transitioning to a CTL-style operation is easy: The operator simply hydraulically detaches the C-frame and blade to match up with a bucket, forks or hundreds of other attachments available for skid steers and CTLs
  • The machine comes standard with a 1.25 cubic-yard bucket, available with either a cutting edge or SmartFit teeth system
  • Major changes to the DL550B compared to the original concept at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 include an evolution from radial to a vertical lift geometry and an increase in rated operating capacity from 4,500 up to 5,500 lbs. (at 50% tipping load)
  • Electro-hydraulic dozer joysticks operate similar to ISO controls in skid steers and CTLs — changing from dozer to CTL operating function is as simple as the push of a button. Forward and reverse travel, and steering, is controlled with the left hand while boom and bucket controls are manipulated by the right hand when operating in CTL mode. Those same right-hand controls operate the lift, angle and tilt functions of the six-way blade when in dozer mode

[VIDEO] Case Taking Orders for Minotaur Compact Dozer/Loader

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