Caterpillar Adds Simple, Low Cost-per-hour Model to Motor Grader Fleet

The 120 GC Motor Grader offers the right balance of high-performance features with reduced fuel consumption, low maintenance costs and easy-to-operate controls.

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The new Cat 120 GC Motor Grader offers a balance of high-performance features with reduced fuel consumption, low maintenance costs and easy to operate controls. Suited for low- to medium-duty applications, its powershift transmission and balanced machine design ensure appropriate drawbar power to the ground with the fuel-efficient C4.4 engine. Electronic throttle control adapts engine power and torque to application demands to improve grading productivity.

  • Standard rear-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive
  • Standard Eco mode operation increases fuel economy up to 5%
  • Hydraulic cooling fan with optional reversing fan only runs when necessary to further reduce fuel consumption
  • Cat 120 Gc Mg Cm20210222 910e2 08fa0Steering wheel and lever layout consistent with the 120, 140 and 160K models
  • Hydraulic system provides more precise and predictable control for a consistent grade
  • Transmission with torque converter eliminates need for an inching pedal
  • Drive system’s no-spin differential automatically unlocks in the turn to eliminate required operator input
  • Standard drawbar circle moldboard includes hardened circle teeth and replaceable wear inserts
  • Circle drive slip clutch option protects the drawbar, circle and moldboard from potential damage if the machine strikes an immovable object
  • Circle Saver option reduces daily greasing requirements and repairs to the circle and pinion
  • Front axle design maximizes bearing life to minimize maintenance
  • 7.9-ft. machine width plus cab choice of standard or low-profile reduce overall transport height to 10.25 ft.
  • Pressurized cab offers an option between mechanical or air suspension seat and optional HVAC system
  • Other options include a Digital Blade Slope Meter, 10-, 12- or 14-ft. moldboards and redesigned mid-mount scarifier

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