New K-Tec Earthmovers Inc Scraper

K-Tecc's new construction equipment - the K-Tec 1254 articulating dump truck scraper - has a heaped capacity of 54 cubic yards and an empty tare weight of 49,000 lbs.

Rosenort MB, Canada - K-Tec Earthmovers Inc announces the launch of its latest and largest construction scraper.  The K-Tec 1254 ADT (Articulating Dump Truck) is one of the world's largest earthmoving scrapers available on the market today.  With a heaped capacity of 54 cubic yards (ISO) and empty tare weight of 49,000 lbs, the K-Tec 1254 ADT will literally move mountains.  Designed to be pulled with a 6-wheel drive 40 Ton+ ADT, this scraper is ready to help contractor's substantially reduce their dirt moving costs.  To maximize the 1254's capacity, a push dozer/tractor in the cut is recommended.  For contractors with excavators, the K-Tec 1254 ADT works very well as a haul wagon.  The large target area makes for easy, fast loading.    

A leading general contractor who, for competitive reasons, wishes to remain anonymous has purchased the first K-Tec 1254 ADT and is using it on a job in northern Texas.  They are currently running a fleet of CAT 627's, and 631's.  The crew is very happy with the productivity of the K-Tec verses their current equipment.  "After intense analyses, we have proven that the K-Tec is hauling 40% more material while maintaining the same loading and cycle speeds as other similar models" says the contractor.

The K-Tec 1254 ADT was developed from the K-Tec 1243 ADT.  The extra 11 yards comes from the 2 foot higher side wall.  "We had a successful, high exposure demonstration with the K-Tec 1243 ADT in June of 2009 in California," says President Ken Rempel.  "The contractors present at the demo were impressed with this easy loading, high volume machine.  We decided to take the scraper market to yet another level, and build a 54 yard earthmover.  K-Tec has seen a need for a larger, more efficient scraper for large contractors.  The K-Tec 1243 ADT and 1254 ADT will fill this current need."

K-Tec additionally offers a 3-Year standard structural warranty on its units.   K-Tec's current models range from 25 yards to 54 yards.  Three of these models can be pulled by ADT Trucks.

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