Case C Series Motor Graders

Two all-new models graders deliver a wide offering of new weights, horsepower ratings and feature-driven grading solutions

Case 836 C Motor Grader
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The 836C and 856C are available in standard and all-wheel-drive (AWD) configurations, and achieve Tier 4 Final compliance with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) engine technology. The 836C offers 138 to 156 hp and an operating weight of 24,466 (standard) or 27,128 lbs. (AWD), while the 856C has a 173- to 190-hp range and operating weight of 33,966 (standard) or 34,848 lbs. (AWD).

An Ergopower transmission and torque converter provide smooth automatic shifting, and a 100% automatic differential lock combined with automatic no-spin power splitting instantly transfers torque from a slipping tire to one with more traction without operator intervention. The AWD models have a “Creep Mode” that engages just the front wheels at the push of a button.

Both models feature an intelligent high-precision load-sensing hydraulic circuit. A direct-activated axial piston pump delivers only the required amount of hydraulic pressure where it is needed. The control valves provide pressure compensation, allowing the moldboard to be lifted or lowered in parallel, when both at full stroke, preventing unintended slope loss due to hydraulic flow/pressure differences from side to side. A high-flow floor switch allows the operator to obtain maximum output from the hydraulic circuit at any time during operation.Case 836 C Motor Grader 2

  • Direct-mounted hydraulic controls increase lever rigidity and reduce play for positive feedback and better control in precision applications
  • A-frame drawbar provides optimal stability due to a heavy-duty boxed frame design
  • Roller-mounted encapsulated circle activated by internal gearing, minimizing wear and increasing component life
  • Include a high-carbon steel moldboard and new moldboard mount and slide system with fewer grease points
  • Moldboard designed to pitch, tilt and move laterally, and can be expanded with available horizontal and bilateral extensions
  • Hydraulically controlled five-position saddle allows operation at over 90°
  • Available machine control-ready from the factory for all major suppliers of machine control technology
  • Options include a rear view camera with 7-in. LCD monitor, heavy-duty tires, dozer front blade and rear ripper, advanced lighting package and automatic lubrication system
  • Heavy-duty circle drive motor and moldboard float actuation available from the factory
  • Low-profile rear-mounted cab with wide tinted floor-to-ceiling windows and external mirrors, standard heated air ride seat and smooth, ergonomic controls
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