Caterpillar 657 Wheel Tractor-Scraper

New model has a rated load of 52 tons and boasts a 7% increase in fuel efficiency over the 657G WTS.

Cat 657 Wheel Tractor Scraper, Photo From High Perspective
Caterpill 10210679

The Cat 657 Wheel Tractor-Scraper (WTS) has a rated load of 52 tons and boasts a 7% increase in fuel efficiency over the 657G WTS. Its two-engine design includes the Cat C18 powering the tractor and Cat C15 in the scraper, both meeting Tier 4 Final emissions standards. The Advanced Productivity Electronic Control System (APECS) allows the machine to better utilize engine power and torque, resulting in more material moved throughout the shift. The transmission features Electronic Clutch Pressure Control, which improves shift quality and fuel efficiency. New hydraulic disc brakes improve braking performance and reduce maintenance.

On-the-go weighing through Payload Estimator allows the new WTS to achieve 95% load accuracy so operators more easily reach target load goals. When working in colder climates, the  Auto-Stall feature quickly brings the transmission to operating temperature at startup. Ground Speed Control lowers fuel consumption by allowing the operator to set the desired top speed, allowing the machine to find the gear that works best for the engine and transmission.

Cat 657 Scraper SpecsA 21% larger cab interior than the 657G improves operator comfort and provides optimal visibility to the bail, cutting edge and bowl. The air suspension comfort seat adjusts and rotates 30° to reduce fatigue, while the new Advance Ride Management adjusts damping to match ground conditions, resulting in a smoother ride for the operator. Automatic HVAC temperature control and defroster come standard. The power access ladder enhances operator safety when entering and exiting the cab. 

The high-pressure steering system requires less steering input. Automatically engaging when the machine is in eighth gear, engine overspeed protection assists in slowing machine speed when approaching engine limits.  Sequence Assist, a new option on the 657, automates many operator inputs each cycle to simplify machine operation.

The tractor includes a hydraulic on-demand fan that increases engine fuel efficiency. The machine also has draft-arm overflow guards, which prevent material accumulation between the draft arms and bowl sides. Ground-level access for fuel fill and all daily maintenance points increases service efficiency and safety to increase machine uptime. 

Integrated Payload Estimator and Cat Product Link technologies provide real-time payload, machine location, fuel usage and idle time information as well as diagnostic fault codes. A collective view of critical machine operating data is accessed via VisionLink from anywhere there is an internet connection. 

New Cat 657 Scraper And 657 G Scraper Work In Push Pull Mode

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