Road Opens for Diesel Engine Fuel Efficiency in the U.S.

TriPak Diesel Fuel Conditioner promises a minimum 5% fuel efficiency increase.

SAN ANTONIO - U.S. diesel consumers can now obtain a minimum 5% increase in fuel economy. Panimayo, LLC, a small business pioneering in resource management, announces the official regulatory registration of its premier diesel fuel efficiency product, TriPak Diesel Fuel Conditioner (TriPak). TriPak is a special formulation compounded to ensure compatibility with all types and grades of diesel fuel. In a single, easy-to-use product, TriPak contains an Algaecide, Detergent, Atomizer, Water Separator, Anti-coagulant, and Cetane Booster.

Earlier this year, Panimayo collaborated with TriPak's manufacturer and its U.S. importer to submit the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration application as required by Federal Regulations (40CFR79.23) for fuel additives to be sold and used legally in the U.S. In a letter dated March 30, 2010, the EPA registered TriPak with an official internal identification number (EPA Registration: #246720001; TriPak Diesel Fuel Conditioner).

Developed jointly with the Alberta Research Institute, TriPak is Canadian-manufactured by TriPak Super Lubricants. TriPak contains proprietary cleaners, lubricants, and TriPak Metal Conditioner, all of which are noncorrosive to metals and other materials comprising injectors, fuel meters, pumps, seals, and all components of fuel delivery systems. TriPak is compatible with all types and sizes of diesel engines: trucks, tractors, trains, buses, RVs, boats, ships, commercial and passenger vehicles, generators, and compressors, including agricultural, construction, and mining machinery.

While a minimum 5% increased fuel efficiency is usually achieved with regular use, the majority of users experience between 5% and 15%; a few have achieved over 20%. Due to TriPak's highly effective ingredients, engine efficiency may be improved during the first application. TriPak's use is most efficient when added to on-site bulk fuel storage tanks.

Panimayo CEO Chance Stavinoha enthusiastically remarked, "Can you imagine the total savings if every diesel engine in the transportation industry consumed 5% less diesel? It might not sound like much to the retail fuel consumer, but a trucking company using TriPak can save over $220,000/year for every 100 tractors in its fleet; that's millions of dollars per year in savings for companies with thousands of trucks in their fleets. Because TriPak pays for itself several times over and has an environmental upside, several trucking companies have been eagerly anticipating this announcement. TriPak improves the bottom line during any economy."

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