Kubota is Stage V Ready with First 100+hp Diesel Engine

Company's first model in the 200-hp class range also represents its first solution to pending EU Stage V regulations

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The 210.9-hp V5009 five-liter, four-cylinder diesel engine is Kubota’s first model in its 09 Series and is designed to meet EU Stage V emissions regulations.

  • Aftertreatment devices include a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR)
  • Air intake amount secured through high-pressure supercharging, with combustion matching to create high in-cylinder pressure
  • Ladder frame structure ensures engine durability
  • Improved water cooling channel
  • Added side power take-off option and three ports for accessories such as hydraulic pumps
  • Will not require any major modifications to current machines
  • 09 Series will also include a 4.3-liter diesel engine using the same next-generation platform
  • Mass production to begin in 2020 concurrent with Stage V regulations
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