Yanmar 4TN101 and 4TN107 Industrial Diesel Engines

Yanmar 4TN107
Yanmar 4TN107
Yanmar Eps Red 9fdklfgbkixi

The 4TN101 and 4TN107 Stage V industrial diesel engines offer outputs from 74 to 141 hp and 121 to 208 hp, and incorporate advanced combustion technology that enables fuel consumption reductions of approximately 10%.

  • 4TN107 features a two-stage turbocharger that gives it a power density of 34kW/L and a maximum torque of 805 Nm
  • Compact profile for improved installation characteristics
  • Proprietary exhaust-gas reduction technology results in a more compact exhaust-gas aftertreatment system
  • Utilize a diesel particulate filter and a selective catalytic reduction system 
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