BibSteel Hard-Surface Radial for Skid Steers

Rubber compound, all steel belts and sidewall protection make this radial last on hard surfaces

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Michelin extended its BibSteel radial line for skid steers with a Hard-Surface tire that succeeds the succeeds the Stabil’XZSL radial. The BibSteel line is designed to increased traction and durability and deliver a better ride than the bias tires commonly used because of the very short life expectancy of most skid steer tires. The BibSteel Hard-Surface's all-terrain tread is optimize to perform on hard, smooth surfaces. It retains the proprietary rubber compound that gave the Stabil’XZSL longevity. The all-steel casing and crown plies contribute to durability. A rim guard and better sidewall-impact and puncture resistance help it survive debris-strewn job sites.

The BibSteel Hard-Surface radial will be available in the second quarter of 2011 in these sizes:

  • 10R16.5 (265/70R16.5)
  • 12R16.5 (305/70R16.5)


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