RL45 & RL51 Off-the-Road Radial Tires

Yokohama 10991910

The RL45 and RL51 off-the-road radial tires feature advanced tread composition for improved wear, low-heat generation and cut resistance with a non-directional block pattern. The zigzag-shaped groove provides better traction on rock and gravel surfaces.

  • High turn-up carcass construction protects against exterior damage with greater lateral stiffness for better riding comfort and additional defense against sidewall cuts
  • Buttress side protection helps against outside damage
  • Flexible OTR belt wire creates a tough, multi-layer cross-ply steel belt package to improve durability; high-shore hardness rubber bead filler offers strong twist stiffness
  • RL45 available in 26.5R25 size
  • RL45 E-4 designed for articulated dump trucks and scrapers: L-4 version designed for front-end loaders
  • RL51 L-5 designed for front-end loaders and graders
  • RL51 available in 23.5R25 size
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