Camso SKS 753 and 532 Skid Steer Tires

Camso has introduced two next-generation skid steer tire solutions: Camso SKS 753, the next generation of Camso Hauler SKZ, and Camso SKS 532, the next generation of Camso Xtra Wall.

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Camso's SKS 753 and SKS 532 are only two of Camso’s many skid steer tire and track solutions – one of the largest ranges in the industry with the goal of delivering the right product for the application in order to deliver the lowest operating cost solution.

  • With SKS 753 features innovative non-directional tread pattern geared to optimize durability and versatility on mixed and hard surfaces
  • SKS 753 features a high lug-to-void ratio that provides excellent wear and puncture resistance for optimal performance on any type of surface
  • SKS 753 features new impact guard sidewall design to deflect debris and better protect the sidewalls against punctures
  • SKS532 was designed for soft surface applications with great durability and extra traction in mind; extra-deep and curved tread lugs provide a perfect balance of traction and durability on soft surfaces often found in general-duty jobs like landscaping
  • SKS 532 also got a stepped tread design for better self-cleaning
  • SKS 532 features the new void guard and impact guard sidewall designs to protect respectively from tread impacts and sidewall impacts and ultimately minimize flat tires

[VIDEO] Camso SKS 753 Skid Steer Tire

[VIDEO] Contractor Finds the Right Skid Steer Tire for the Job With the Camso SKS 532

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