Changzhou Manufacturing Plant Up and Running to Meet Local Needs

Terex Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) has introduced its new Genie S-3200 and S-3800 telescopic booms to meet the demands of the Asian shipbuilding market.

Shanghai, China - Terex Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) has introduced its new Genie S-3200 and S-3800 telescopic booms to meet the demands of the Asian shipbuilding market. The Genie booms are being manufactured exclusively at the new Terex Aerial Work Platforms factory located in Changzhou, China. They are being introduced at the factory to coincide with the timing of the BAUMA China tradeshow.

"Our new booms, customized for harsh environments such as shipbuilding, are just the beginning of our strategy to reach out to the Asian marketplace with engineered products to meet our customers' unique needs," said XS Koo, Asia Pacific vice president and managing director, Terex AWP. "The quality of our products, coupled with our superior customer service and focus on safety, will help to grow the strength of the Genie brand in this region."

Salt air, heavy oxidation, weld slag, cutting debris and constant usage make the shipyard one of the harshest environments for a boom lift. "The Genie booms were designed specifically to address these demands and the result is a product that offers superior performance in this type of application," said Frank Schneider, senior product manager, Terex AWP. The booms will be used for manufacturing, repairing and refurbishing ships, primarily targeting medium to large shipyards with applications ranging from 60' - 120'.

A new platform design offers rugged features such as high-strength steel tubing, pinch rails, padded bumpers, steel mesh, a new heavy-duty foot switch and a steel platform rotator shield. The new control box features joystick guards to facilitate operating the boom; an easy-to-use, sealed and tough control box cover; and an angled control box lid to prevent the accumulation of debris.

The enclosed cable and hose track is mounted on top of the boom to withstand the rigors of typical shipyard usage and prevent impact damage common in the shipyard. Steel covers prevent damage to hoses and cable, and all exterior hoses and cables have fire-resistant sleeves.

The turntable covers are steel, allowing excellent service access and resisting impact for a longer service life. The steel covers resist impact and debris, have large removable service doors for easy service access to main compartments. They also have an integral bump rail to resist impact damage, and lockable control panel doors that can be easily removed for full engine access.

"We designed this product based on customer feedback, with serviceability in mind," said Schneider. "More reliability and convenience with less maintenance means more up-time and productivity."

The shipyard modifications include a complete hostile environment kit: Cylinder bellows, boom wiper seals, turntable shield, ring gear guard and air pre-cleaner are all intended to reduce the damage caused by weld slag and debris. New solid tires offer better performance in shipyards. New hoist connections make lifting these booms even easier.

"We are proud to begin manufacturing booms in China at our new Changzhou facility with the goal of making local products for local needs," said Koo. "We look forward to showing our customers the Changzhou factory, where we have applied the collective learnings of our team members in Redmond and Moses Lake, WA, USA. We will introduce them to our team and to the production systems, and demonstrate how we have begun to consistently and efficiently produce high quality Genie aerial products in Asia."

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