FX60 Vacuum Excavator

Vacuum excavator driven by a 60-hp Cummins

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The Ditch Witch FX60 vacuum excavator, a higher-horsepower version of the company’s popular FX30, is designed for an extensive range of cleanup and excavation. The belt-driven vacuum excavation system has a 5.2-gpm water pump and 900 cfm of suction power. It can be configured with a 300-, 800-, or 1200-gallon debris tank. A 60-hp Cummins 3.3 engine provides power, and the unit is available in either trailer-mounted or loose-configuration versions. Ditch Witch says FX60 "exemplifies the new breed of vacuum excavators with larger, more powerful diesel engines that increase the unit’s capabilities beyond cleanup and soft excavation" into excavation.

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