MEGA VAC Vacuum Excavator

Ml Mega Va Profile 11188992
Mclaughlin 10852363

The MEGA VAC vacuum excavator series features an the option of a 1,200 cfm deep blower with 23 in. of mercury providing 50% more suction or lit capability than industry standard 15-in. mercury units.

  • Pressure feature pressurizes tank to quickly force fluid out of tank through 6-in. gate valve on rear of unit
  • Hose can be connected to rear discharge for remote offloading
  • 1,025 or 1,200 cfm blower at 15 or 23 in. of mercury
  • Deep blower option can have standard or reverse flow
  • 99-hp Kubota diesel power pack
  • Tank capacities: 1,600 to 3,000 gals.

Video: McLaughlin Mega Vac Works All Day Without Emptying

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