Barreto RTK Stand-On Track Trencher

Barreto made its fixed stand-on platform standard equipment on this 1,700-lb tracked trencher; unique course-correction controls adjustment track speed with rods rather than cables

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The 1,690-lb. RTK Stand-On Track Trencher trenches up to 48 in. deep and 6 in. wide, and features a standard fixed platform and unique rod-linkage. 

  • Adjustable Trenching Control replaces cables for fine tuning track speed to keep trenches on course
  • Chain engaged with the same hand used for forward and reverse controls and twin ground-drive levers are positioned within easy reach
  • Track speed can be adjusted separately in operation to keep the trench straight when working on uneven terrain
  • 7-in. track creates a 241-sq.-in. footprint on each side of the machine and generates only 3.6-psi ground pressure
  • Simplified boom mount uses a 1-in. pin and bushing, reducing the number of parts in the front end
  • Power options include a 21-hp or 22-hp Honda or a 23-hp Briggs Vanguard V-Twin engine
  • Measures just 35.5 in. wide

Construction Equipment Closeup: Barreto Pushes Productivity with RTK Walk-Behind Tracked Trencher

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