Saws & Blades August 2008

Nearly every concrete contractor owns a concrete saw. Here’s an overview of equipment and abrasives for jobsite cutting.

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Core Cut CC1113XL


  • Mini walk-behind concrete saw
  • 11-hp HOnda GX-390 engine
  • Handles adjustable to 4 positions
  • Can be used in an upcut or downcut mode
  • 4 5/8-in. maximum cutting depth
  • 14-in. slip on blade guard can be mounted on left or right side
  • 2,650 blade shaft rpm


Diamond Products

Diamond Blades


  • Full line of diamond blades plus split segment blades
  • Color-coded system to make blade selection easier
  • Each blade is labeled with the quality, application and type of saw it is designed for


Wacker Neuson Corporation



The DS-18 features a 13-hp gasoline engine or 5-hp electric motor with a heavy-duty, anti-vibration engine mount, a 7-gauge, solid steel frame, 18-in. blade capacity with dual-arbor cutting along with lifting handles, a lifting bail and prefect balance. Perfect balance is key to perfect performance, long blade life, smooth, even cuts and eliminates excessive wear and tear on the machine.


EDCO Equipment Development Co.

DS-HS 80 V2


  • Hand-held gas saw
  • New carburetor setting for increased acceleration
  • Redesigned starter assembly, cooler running motor and redesigned tank geometry
  • Reversible steel flanges allow user to stock multiple blade types without the need for different arbors


Hilti Inc

EZ Green Early Entry Green Concrete Blade


  • Features a square-like arbor which easily fits Soff-Cut saws without adaptors
  • Each blade comes with a skid plate shield to protect the concrete joint against spalling and raveling
  • Color-coded blades quicly identify the bond that matches your aggregate and cutting conditions


Diamond Vantage, Inc.

FORCE4 Diamond Chain


The FORCE4 diamond chain has a tensile strength 50% greater than previous chains, plus anti-stretch engineering that increases chain life and reduces maintenance.

  • Patent-pending pitch design of chassis elements for optimal combination of weight and strength
  • Water distribution feature allows for better lubrication and less cleanup
  • Patented SealPRO O-ring and bumper designs for smoother cutting performance and increased chain life


ICS, Blount Intl. Inc.

FS1 Floor Saw


The FS1 floor saws low center of gravity and weight distribution eliminate flex and vibration during operation.

  • Weighs 280 and 300 lbs.
  • Features a heavy-duty blade shaft and bearing assembly, as well as balanced engine and blade shaft pulleys
  • Two and three v-belt drive systems for 8- and 13-hp saws
  • Easy to use cutting depth gauge calibrated for blade size
  • Adjustable guiding handle
  • Interchangeable water tank and hose hook ups


MBW Inc.

K750 OilGuard


  • DualCharge engine produces more power, higher torque and 70% less emissions
  • Active Air Filtration provides centrifugal air cleaning in three stages
  • SmartCarb built-in automatic filter compensation
  • DuraStarter with a dust-sealed starter and durable starter cord reduces risk of downtime


Husqvarna Construction Products

MiniCutter Concrete Saw


The MiniCutter from Stow is designed for light demolition operations in cured concrete and asphalt.

  • 10-in. blade capacity for a 3 1/4-in cutting depth
  • 6.5 hp Honda GX200 engine with a Cyclone pre-cleaner air cleaner
  • Weighs 102 lbs.
  • V-notch roller wheel front pointer, polyurethane wheels, permanently sealed ball bearings and vacuum nozzle hook-up on the blade guard


Multiquip Inc.

Pneumatic Concrete Saws


CS Unitec offers powerful, portable concrete cutting tools with no exhaust fumes.

  • Pneumatic chainsaw plunge cuts up to 14 in. in one pass and quickly cuts mechanical openings, irregular shapes and square corners through reinforced concrete, brick, block, concrete pipe and natural stone
  • Hand-held concrete cut-off saw in 14- and 18-in. diameters
  • Walk-behind saw with 20-in. diameter blade capacity


CS Unitec, Inc.

Saw Devil CS2

The Saw Devil CS2 manual saw is designed for ease of operation and performance. It is a heavy-duty, walk-behind saw ideal for jobs requiring precision cutting including floors, pavements, walkways, ramps or any flat sawing application. Features include: console with easily accessible operating controls, heavy-duty front 4-in. wheel guide and rear cutting pointer, heavy-duty vibration absorbing steel box frame, depth gauge and positive locking blade control, and ergonomically designed adjustable handles with Stone exclusive hip-guide bar. The CS2 accommodates 12- to 18-in. blades for maximum depth cuts up to 6 5/8 in. Engine options include: 9-hp Briggs & Stratton, 9-hp Robin, 11-hp Honda, 13-hp Honda with a Cyclone air cleaner, 16-hp Briggs & Stratton, and 5-hp electric. An optional 5- or 8-fal. see-through plastic water tank is available.

Stone Construction Equip. Inc.



  • In combo w/skid steer, produces 25hp to the surface with precision control
  • Quick attach mounting plate and QD hydraulic lines for 90 second complete tool change
  • Optional diamond package available
  • Attachment configured for most popular skid steers

Kut-Rites TKO-2513 scarifier attachment, when used in combination with a skid steer, produces 25 hp to the surface with precision control. A quick attach mounting plate and QD hydraulic lines combine tool change within 90 seconds. The attachment is configured for most popular skid steers and an optional diamond package is available.


Kut-Rite Manufacturing

WS Series Walk-Behind concrete saws


The Ingersoll Rand WS Series concrete saws from Doosan Infracore Portable Power includes nine models with 12- to 36-in. blades and cutting depths from 4.6 to 15 in.

  • Honda, Wisconsin or Deutz engines
  • Heavy-duty, seven-gauge steel frame with steel splashguards
  • Three manually propelled models
  • Four largest models include hydrostatic drive propulsion systems with a six-belt or nine-belt drive


Doosan Infracore Portable Power

X-TEQ Cross-over Diamond Blade


  • Do-it-all blade can handle abrasive materials like green concrete, block and asphalt
  • ARIX diamond arrangement technology segments
  • Turbo segments make for faster, freer cutting
  • Laser cut core keeps blade running cool


Diteq Corp