Work site Accessories July 2007

Concrete work site accessories

Diesel Generators

  • Single-phase, capacitor-type generators powered by Hatz four-cycle, single-cylinder diesel engines
  • RGD3300H offers a 6.8-hp Hatz 1B30 engine and a 3,000-watt rated output, while the RGD5000H has a 9.9-hp Hatz 1B40 and 5,000-watt rated output
  • Electric starters with recoil backup
  • GFCI receptacles and fuseless circuit breakers protect the current level
  • Features a full-power switch, voltmeter, 12v DC charging, spark arrestor and large 4.4-gal. fuel tanks


Subaru Robin

P6000 Generator

  • Diesel generator designed for professional and industrial use for a lifetime of supplying power to demanding applications
  • Low noise, extended running time, super silenced enclosure and easy access for maintenance
  • Powered by a Yanmar L100 engine
  • 5.87-kW maximum power, 4.81-kW continuous power, 15-hour run time and 65-dBA sound level


Pramac Industries Inc.

Kelken PowerPush

  • First battery-operated dispensing gun for two-component adhesives and sealants
  • Can dispense and evenly mix even the most viscous two-part epoxies in both hot and cold temperatures
  • Variable dial controls for dosing and speed
  • Anti-drip feature eliminates messy run-on by automatically reversing the pistons when trigger is released


Kelken Construction Products

Detectable Warnings

  • Manufactured out of liquid monomers on-site to follow every nuance and contour of the installed surface
  • Full five-year replacement warranty
  • No joints to allow water penetration
  • Nonskid


Vanguard ADA Systems of America Inc.

CD15 Concrete Crack Repair

  • Designed for injection of two-component resins into cracks and similar voids in concrete
  • Can penetrate voids as narrow as .002 in.
  • 10-gal. reservoir
  • Delivers 1 to 15 gal. per hour
  • Full line of resin injectors available


Lily Corp.

Concrete Washout System

  • Watertight system controls, captures and contains all wastewater and washout material from concrete trucks and pumps for off-site recycling
  • Holds 5.5-cu.-yd., or 900-gal., washout from about 350-yd. poured concrete
  • Self-contained, watertight and portable
  • Wash out up to three trucks simultaneously


Atlantic Concrete Washout, Inc.

Rumble Track

  • Designed to reduce the need for rock and base exits
  • Designed to be placed on jobsite exit roads where they join public streets
  • Reduces need for water trucks and sweeping
  • Complies with Storm Water Act, AQMD Rule #403 and PM10 in Southern coast air basin
  • Helps solve PM10 dust abatement, soil stabilization and debris track-out
  • problems


Contractors-Services, LLC

Reusable Batter Boards

  • Slider adjusts horizontally and locks for accurate reference lines
  • Setup uses 3/4-in. forming stakes through vertical tube
  • Locks at desired height
  • Reusable, heavy-duty steel construction


Rousseau Company

Icon Series Gloves

  • Features more durable materials, increased wrist support and higher abrasion resistance
  • Completely washable
  • Resists stretching, shrinking and hardening


Ironclad Performance Wear

Harley-Davidson Safety Eyewear

  • HD800 Series Safety Eyewear meets ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3 standards
  • Available with orange, blue and silver lenses, a double nine-base frameless design and unique Harley-Davidson detailing



Mix Oil

  • Contains fuel Opti-mizer to keep equipment lubricated and protected year-round
  • Increases horsepower, reduces fume emissions and extends life of hand-held equipment
  • Multiratio, 2-cycle engine lubricant with TC3 rating
  • Gasohol compatible
  • Petroleum-based product carries anti-corrosion properties and reduces operating temperatures


Stens Industrial


  • Available in a bolt-on style designed to save replacement labor and parts costs
  • 25 to 30% longer wear life
  • Bolt directly to the predrilled triple grouser
  • Easily removed and installed
  • Reusable steel grousers


BLS Enterprises Inc.

Finishing Slicks

  • Overshoes designed to be worn during the actual finishing phase of concrete
  • Help eliminate the need of patching up holes and marks that work boots and knee boards can leave behind
  • Universal size for left or right foot
  • Will not adhere to most concrete surfaces regardless of aggregate or additives


Concrete Innovations

Conduit Covers

  • Small polyethylene bags with built-in tie straps for quick installation over the open ends of hoses, tubes, pipes and fittings
  • Can be used to prevent contamination ingression during equipment repair or rebuild
  • Can work like a plastic cap or plug
  • Easily adapt to a variety of conduit sizes
  • Available in 4" x 5" and 6" x 7" sizes
  • Resistant to oils and solvents


Conduit Covers

Flatfree Tires

  • Produced with proprietary chemical systems and patented manufacturing processes
  • Closed cells allow for absorption of less than 1% of its weight in water
  • Can carry much heavier loads



EnviroSafe Filter System

  • Offers filtered flow rates up to 110 gpm and a high antimicrobial capacity
  • Can retrofit most existing flat-grate or combination curb-grated stormwater catch basins
  • Targets various pollutants such as sediment, oils, metals, organics and bacteria
  • Employs Mycelx-treated material to trap oils and grease
  • Includes more Aegis antimicrobial shield than previous models to counter mold and bacteria growth


Transpo Industries Inc.

Mobile Lifting System

  • Can handle 48,000- to 320,000-lb. capacities reducing maintenance time while simultaneously adding safety to those working on a vehicle
  • Work in tight, small areas and easily maneuver the lift to the vehicle being worked on
  • Automatic shut-off if lifting an unsafe capacity
  • Ball bearing screw nut assembly for safety
  • Simplifies removal of springs, suspensions, brakes, engines and transmissions
  • No installation necessary



Water Jet Lance

  • NCG8400A-3 water jet lance delivers up to 40,000 psi through rotating nozzles
  • Clean concrete forms without damage
  • Connect to a UHP pump unit to clean concrete and scaffolding, or remove coatings and membranes
  • Nozzles rotate at up to 3,000 rpm


  • 16 lbs.NLB Corp.



    • Available in a 16.5-oz. economical industrial size
    • Creeps into millionth-inch spaces
    • Dissolves rust and lubricates to loosen frozen metal parts
    • Cleans and prevents rust by displacing moisture
    • Also available in aerosol and bulk


    Kano Laboratories Inc.

    2007 Ram 3500 Chassis Cab

    • Available in two-wheel or four-wheel drive, single-rear wheel or dual-rear wheel and regular cab or Quad cab in Cab-to-Axle (CA) lengths of 60 or 84 in.
    • Cummins 6.7-liter diesel engine rated at 305 hp and 610 lb.-ft. of torque, or 5.7-liter HEMI gasoline engine with 330 hp and 375 lb.-ft. of torque
    • Six-speed manual transmission with PTO capability standard
    • Continuous C-channel frame with 34-in. frame rail spacing
    • 52-gal. fuel tank installed behind the rear axle


    DaimlerChrysler Corp./Dodge

    360 Low Cab-over-engine Truck

    • Class 3 to Class 4 low cab-over-engine truck powered by a 4.9-liter turbo-diesel engine with 175 hp at 2,700 rpm and 391 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,600 rpm
    • Six-speed automatic transmission with a final gear reduction ratio of 5.285
    • GVWRs of 14,050, 14,500 and 17,995 lbs.
    • 35-ft. curb-to-curb turning radius
    • 90-cu.-ft. cab volume
    • Standard features include air conditioning, power steering, a telescoping steering column and ABS


    Sterling Trucks

    VR140 Underhood Air Compressor

    • 150LB VR70 and 210LB VR140 conveniently mount under the truck's hood, increasing valuable deck and work space
    • Systems are rated at up to 70 and 150 cfm or 175 psi
    • Air-on-demand with 100% duty cycle
    • Low-profile, modulating high-flow inlet valve with air filter
    • Liquid to liquid cooler integral with vehicle cooling system



    Task M50

    • Four-wheel-drive utility vehicle designed for moving through difficult conditions
    • 28.4-hp Bombardier engine
    • 1,100-lb. bed capacity
    • 1,500-lb. payload
    • 1,650-lb. towing capacity


    AUSA Corp.

    DTX610 and DTX612 Dump Trailers

    • X Series of low-profile dump trailers
    • Extensive use of high-yield strength steel throughout
    • LED lights
    • Tested extensively with general contractors, roofing contractors, rental yards and landscaping contractors


    Bri-Mar Mfg.

    JOBMASTER Chests

    • Secure, durable tool storage solutions
    • Easy to move around the jobsite or into a work vehicle
    • Seven sizes from 5 to 25 cu. ft.
    • WATCHMAN IV single-lock system with dead-bolt-style, two-point latching
    • Constructed of 16-gauge steel with fully arc-welded seams
    • 12-gauge caster-ready skids for easy maneuverability with a forklift
    • Optional accessory tool trays


    Knaack Mfg. Co.

    Pickup Pack

    • Combines lockup security and maximum storage space in an aluminum body that can be installed in mid- and full-size pickup trucks
    • Completely preassembled as a single unit
    • Cab guard, gull wing saddle box, two lockable low side boxes and a removable ladder rack
    • Hatchback also locks the tailgate
    • Space beneath the toolboxes for sheets of plywood or other cargo


    Highway Products Inc.


    • All-in-one rig allows slabjack/concrete leveling contractors to transport their slabjack pump, mixer, grouting materials and tools to the jobsite
    • Includes 15-hp, 6-cu.-ft. mixer, pump hauler with easy-ramp access, dual material bins and space to transport other tools
    • Tandem axles
    • Weighs roughly 7,000 lbs. and measures 14 ft. wide by 7 ft. long
    • Highway package includes electric brakes, lights, fenders and ball hitch



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