Bosch Launches 18V Cordless Construction Tools

The battery-powered tools facilitate a wide range of construction jobs, including concrete, grinding, drywall sanding, heat, measuring and drilling.

The battery-powered tools facilitate a wide range of construction jobs, including concrete, grinding, drywall sanding, heat, measuring and drilling.
The battery-powered tools facilitate a wide range of construction jobs, including concrete, grinding, drywall sanding, heat, measuring and drilling.
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Bosch Power Tools has introduced new tools including an 18V concrete nailer and heat gun, continuing to expand its cordless portfolio to support trade workers. The battery-powered tools facilitate a wide range of construction jobs and can be used in both indoor and outdoor worksites.

“Our Bosch team is keeping the momentum going with new products and an improved 18V limited warranty to better equip trade workers, including plumbers, electricians, HVAC installers and drywallers with tools designed for the work. The new 18V Concrete Nailer, the newest addition to the PROFACTOR high-powered system, is expected to be a fan favorite for workers looking for a fast, consistent nailing solution. The new nailer is powered by CORE18V high power batteries and delivers gas-powered comparable performance for the toughest nailing jobs,” said Philipp Gosau, director of product development for Bosch Tools North America.

Concrete Nailing Solutions

18V Concrete Nailer (GNB18V-12N) and 18V Concrete Nailer Kit (GNB18V-12K14) 

  • PROFACTOR System: Delivers gas-powered comparable performance with a cordless design
  • Collated-Shot Magazine: Comes with a 22-shot collated magazine and a single-shot magazine. An extra-capacity magazine, which can hold up to 44 collated nails, is sold separately
  • Open-system: Allows for most branded collated nails and single shots to be used
  • Air Spring Design: Provides consistent nailing on the jobsite
  • Depth Adjustment: A built-in sliding switch adjusts the nail depth into the workpiece
  • Single-shot Magazine and Nosepiece: Allows the user to swap between collated nails to single shots for MEP applications
  • On-tool User Display: Helps manage tool performance, troubleshooting and battery life status

Pins for Concrete Nailer GNB18V-12 (NB-063, NB-075, NB-100, NB-125, NB-150, NK-138, NM-050, NB-063 and NM-075)

  • Compatibility: Concrete pins are designed to work with the GNB18V-12N concrete nailer as well as with most major concrete nailer tools
  • Material Use: Pins are designed for use in A36 and A572 steel, concrete, CMU block and sand-lightweight concrete over metal deck

Grinding Solutions

  • 18V X-LOCK Brushless 4-1/2- to 5-in. Angle Grinder with Paddle Switch (GWX18V-10PN) and 5-in. Tuckpoint Guard Accessory (TG503)
  • X-LOCK Wheel Change: Features click-in mounting and a grinder wheel release lever for change outs
  • Kickback Control: Shuts the grinder off if the tool accidentally drops on the floor
  • Updated Gearhead Mounting Collar: Mounting collar on the gearhead is now compatible with Bosch metal and concrete guards
  • Tuckpoint Guard Accessory (TG503): Also compatible with spindle wheel grinders in addition to X-LOCK

Drywall Sanding Solutions

  • 9-in. Drywall Pole Sander Kit (GTR55-85)
  • Flexible Head: Reduces the risk of damage to the surface and helps enable movement across surfaces
  • Ceiling Suction Mode: Helps reduce the weight of the tools while working overhead
  • T-handle Grip: Provides an adaptable grip to help reduce arm strain, especially overhead
  • Quick-release Extension Pole: Adapts the length of the sander when switching from ceilings to walls. The subtracting extension removes excess weight

Heat Application Solutions

  • 18V Heat Gun (Bare Tool) GHG18V-50N
  • Heat Up Time: Provides a max temperature of 930⁰ F and can heat up to 570⁰ F in six seconds
  • Lockout Switch: Prevents accidental activation when traveling or not in use
  • Temperature Switch: Offers two temperature settings to switch heat levels, supporting a variety of applications

Measuring Solutions

  • BLAZE 100-ft. Laser Measure (GLM100-23)
  • Graphic Display: Illuminates numbers with distinct resolution and allows for work in low light and dark conditions for readability
  • User Friendly Layout: Features two-button operation, one to measure and one to round
  • Rounding Button: Allows user to round the measurement result from ½ in. to 1/32 in.
  • Compact Design: Fits in pocket

Drilling Solutions

  • Porcelain Diamond Drill Bits (DDB14, DDB516, DDB38 and DDB12)
  • Built-in Wax Insert Tip: Lubricates and cools the hole without the need for water
  • Dry-drilling Bit Design: Allows for drilling with two hands, providing control
  • Diamonds: Helps with use when drilling into porcelain
  • Vacuum-brazing Technology: Process fuses diamonds to the bit tip

Charging Solutions

  • 18V USB Portable Power Adapter (GAA18V-48)
  • 18V Battery Compatibility: Works with Bosch 18V Lithium-ion batteries to deliver power to 5V USB or 12V DC devices
  • Dual Charging Ports: USB ports charge two devices simultaneously
  • Heated Workwear Compatible Port: Port is compatible with Bosch battery operated heated gear, keeping workers warm on long, cold days 
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