ToolWatch, DeWalt Launch Updated Software Integration

ToolWatch's technology integration with DeWalt Tool Connect is now available to all ToolWatch customers.

Tool Watch De Walt Image

ToolWatch, a construction industry cloud-based system has integrated its techology with DeWalt Tool Connect for all ToolWatch users. 

DeWalt, a manufacturer of professional power tools, hand tools, storage and accessories, and ToolWatch teamed up to improve the overall tool ownership experience by combining DEWALT's Tool Connect integrated Bluetooth functionality with ToolWatch's solution designed to streamline internal operations. The integration has been in beta testing with select ToolWatch customers since early 2020 and now the update is available to ToolWatch users.

Learn how Tool Connect works:

ToolWatch users can synchronize  DeWalt Tool Connect tools, tags, and chips to their ToolWatch inventory automatically, eliminating the need to manually scan tools, equipment and consumables. All item information, including tool records, job costs and billing, inventory quantity, transfers, service and calibration, and reporting, is accessed from ToolWatch.

ToolWatch users can see where tools are in the physical world in real-time. If a tool is transferred to a different job site, the BLE technology will enable automatic reassignment to the new project and initiate job cost and billing transactions to that job site.

"Enhancing operational efficiency begins by streamlining internal processes, and asset management is a crucial part of a construction company's overall state of operations," says Don Kafka, CEO of ToolWatch. "This integration with DeWalt allows users to streamline many steps of the tool management process and enhance asset visibility. Eliminating these tedious tasks and tightening wasteful processes allows ToolWatch users to boost operational efficiency overall."

Learn more about how ToolWatch works:

ToolWatch customers who have piloted the systems reported that the integration helped eliminate many time-consuming processes, improve the overall productivity of job sites and maximize assets, resources and labor. And by utilizing more accurate data, improving workflows, and streamlining the asset upload process, decision-makers are able to clearly determine areas of operational improvement.

DeWalt Tool Connect tools have the Bluetooth chip already installed, while the Tool Connect tags, connectors and batteries attach to anything on a job site, such as equipment, storage, large tools, and materials, regardless of brand.