Portable Space Heaters

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Mi-T-M Corp. announces the introduction of a new line of portable space heaters. This new line compliments the company's industrial product line offering of pressure washers, air compressors, generators, wet/dry vacuums, jobsite boxes and water treatment systems. The Mi-T-M portable space heaters are designed to save energy and offer the perfect heating solution for a multitude of applications, such as workshops, garages, construction sites and farm buildings. And, to meet the demand for clean, quiet and instant heat in an outdoor social setting, Mi-T-M is introducing an Outdoor Patio heater that is perfect for patios and restaurants. The full line of Mi-T-M portable space heaters will include: Kerosene Forced Air Heaters in 70,000 to 400,000 BTUs; Propane Force Air Heaters in 50,000 to 375,000 BTUs; Propane Convection Heaters in 50,000 to 200,000 BTUs; Kerosene Radiant Heater 125,000 BTU; Radiant Propane Tank Top Heaters 9,000 BTU to 30,000 BTU; Propane Patio Heaters 40,000 BTU.

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