Contractor Disinfects Jobsites with Industrial Misting Fan

Rosendin Electric follows Power Breezer directions and CDC disinfecting guidelines as part of its coronavirus safety program

Power Breezer LLC’s white paper Applying Disinfectants For Large Surfaces using Covid-19 Approved Chlorine-based Liquid Solutions convinced Rosendin Electric to try the cooling fans as part of their jobsite COVID-19-prevention protocols.

Power Breezer found its industrial cooler could apply the CDC-prescribed coating of disinfecting film across a 60-ft. arc in a couple of hours.

Rosendin’s West Coast corporate safety director, Josh Johnson, told his company has employed the technique at two prefabrication warehouses in Oregon, and two data-center jobsites in Oregon and Washington state.

The base of the Power Breezer can hold up to 85 gal. of liquid, and the manufacturer has checked the mixture levels to match the CDC coronavirus-killing solution guidelines. Rosendin people mix a batch and use the cooling fan to mist an empty jobsite at the end of the work day.

Power Breezer says it meets these three requirements to disinfect for coronavirus:

  • Use the disinfectant/water mix per EPA/CDC guidelines
  • Create a visible, wet film on surfaces
  • The film must have a dwell time on the surfaces for 10 min. or EPA/CDC guidelines