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Big Ass Fans introduces the all new AirGo, an 8-ft. diameter Big Ass Fan designed to maneuver with ease over a variety of terrain and provide immediate relief when temporary cooling needs arise on construction sites or in industrial facilities. From the heavy-duty steel tubing and the rigid screen, to the high efficiency motor and gearbox, AirGo is made from all-welded construction for unmatched durability. Easy-to-use, infinitely adjustable speed controls and well-balanced, 360 degree angle adjustments allow AirGo to provide large volumes of non-disruptive air movement in any direction. Engineered with precision-machined internal gears and patented aerodynamic airfoils to ensure quiet operation, the rugged AirGo delivers airflow half the length of a football field, yet is quiet enough to carry on a conversation directly in front of the fan.

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