Wacker Hdr 155 Direct Fired Ra 11230742

Wacker's HDR 155 Direct-Fired Radiant Heater can heat workspaces, equipment, concrete form work and other structures from approximately 15 ft. away. Since the heat is radiated directly from the heater's disc the HDR 155 does not rely on warming the surrounding air so it produces quick, intense heat. The shield emits electromagnetic (infrared) waves that travel in straight lines away from the heater and are unaffected by wind or weather.

  • Oil flame heats stainless steel disc to approximately 1700°F
  • Exhaust gases directed upward
  • 300-series stainless steel front panel
  • Design features three concentric cones: inner cone containing the flame; center cone protecting outermost surface from heat; external cone constructed of high-temperature-painted carbon steel
  • Refractory free cooling system for cooler heater surface
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Single point lift bail and tie-downs
  • Retractable floor guard
  • Two-position, 10-degree adjustable housing
  • Rugged, rotomolded plastic fuel tank with capacity for 15-hour continuous run time
  • Optional remote thermostat
  • Heat input: 155,000 BTU/hour

Video: Advantages of Wacker's HD 155 Infrared Heater

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