Hobart Trek 180 Battery-Powered MIG Welder - Professional System for 'Off-the-Grid' Welding

The Hobart Trek 180 is a portable MIG welding that operates off its self-contained battery or 115V power and welds 24-gauge up to 1/4-in. mild steel in a single pass and recharges off an automotive power inverter or 115V receptacle.

Key Facts

  • Portable: 52-lb. package operates while plugged in or completely cordless
  • Powerful Output:
    • 180 amps on 115V power (an output previously limited to 230V welders)
    • 120 amps on 17VDC battery power at 20 percent duty cycle
  • Recharge from inside a vehicle using an automotive power inverter
  • Ideal arc quality with self-shielded flux-cored or solid-gas wires

APPLETON, WI - Leave the generator and extension cords behind as Hobart Welding Products introduces the Trek 180: a self-contained battery-powered MIG welding package and the first professional system for true "off-the-grid" welding. The portable (52-lb.) Trek delivers heavy-duty weld power to fabricate or repair 24-gauge- up to 1/4-in.-mild steel in a single pass. Two internal, high-performance batteries enable the Trek to achieve a 100-percent charge in 90 minutes or a 20-minute, 80-percent quick charge from a standard 115V wall outlet or within a vehicle using an automotive power inverter.

The Trek 180 is designed to meet the demands of MRO professionals who require great arc performance in an extremely portable package.

Power and Portability
The Trek 180 is designed to operate while plugged in or completely cordless. Its detachable power cord plugs into standard 115V receptacles. Convenient for traveling professionals, the Trek 180 can be charged inside a vehicle with an automotive power inverter (400 continuous watt minimum.)

While charging, Hobart's AutoPower technology automatically scans the available input charging power as not to over stress low-capacity devices such as automotive inverters.

Two internal, high-performance, sealed lead-acid batteries provide the energy storage needed for welding in remote applications. The batteries feature Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology, which allows the Trek to achieve a 20-minute, 80-percent quick charge or full charge in approximately 90 minutes.

When fully charged, the unit delivers approximately 100-in. of continuous weld bead using .030 dia. flux-cored wire on 1/8-in mild steel. Battery power is monitored continuously to provide consistent welding voltage regardless of the charge level. The Trek's low battery shutdown feature disables the welder when the battery runs low, protecting the life of the battery and quality of weld output.

On battery power alone, the Trek 180 offers a rated output of 120 amps, 17 VDC at 20 percent duty cycle. When plugged into standard 115V power, the unit is capable of delivering 180 amps, (an output previously limited to 230V welders!)

The Trek's low 12-amp power draw allows the unit excellent performance when using cheap or low-quality extension cords commonly found on construction and jobsites.

A removable storage bag is a handy compartment for securing all the Trek's cables, MIG gun, work clamp and removable power cord with additional room for extra wire, contact tips and welding gloves. The bag can be detached, allowing the unit to slide under a seat of a truck, or strapped down.

Arc Performance
Inverter-based technology enables Hobart's Trek 180 to control arc characteristics thousands of times faster than conventional transformer technology. As a result, the unit provides ideal welding characteristics - positive arc starts without popping and minimal spatter while welding. This includes highly stable, low-spatter welding with self-shielded flux-core wire and outstanding results when using mixed gas.

The Trek 180 features a durable built-in wire feeder with a quick-release tension lever. Accepting 4-in. spools of .023-.035 wire, its cast aluminum dual-groove drive rolls can be configured for a smooth or knurled feeding performance. Its infinite voltage and wire feed control provides a broader operating window for each wire, allowing operators to quickly and easily fine-tune the welding arc for their desired output on different materials and thicknesses.

The Trek 180 also ushers in a new form of operator/machine communication. LED diagnostic lights on the front of the unit provide quick information on temperature, charging and battery status. The real advantage to operators is the ability to quickly identify if the unit momentarily shut down due to duty-cycle, or low battery; saving unnecessary trips to service centers.

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