New Concrete Surface Texture Designed for Use on Low-speed Roadways in Urban Areas

Optimized diamond saw cut texture provides a smooth, safe and quiet ride at a competitive price

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A new texture for city streets was unveiled at an Open House in Neenah, Wis., on October 2, 2012. The industry has created a new concrete surface texture designed for use on city streets and thoroughfares that is favorable to bicycles, roller blades and other recreational activities, while providing a durable and long lasting riding surface. This texture, which was developed for use on low speed roadways in urban neighborhoods, is an optimized diamond saw cut texture that provides a smooth, safe and quiet ride at a competitive price.

The Open House took place on Bell St., in the area between Marathon and Commercial Street. The presentations included Concrete Patching by the Wisconsin Concrete Paving Association (WCPA), Optimizing Diamond Grinding for Concrete Surfaces by Dan Fentress of the International Grooving and Grinding Association (IGGA), Resealing of Pavement Joints by Scott Eilken of Quality Saw and Seal, Inc., and finally a Field Demonstration and Review of Optimized Diamond Grinding for City Streets.

“We were very pleased with the reactions and reviews we received from both the city and Wisconsin DOT folks that attended,” said Kevin W. McMullen, P.E., President, Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association. “This is a great looking texture for the city street environment. We can very definitely promote and sell this texture on Main Street, USA.”

The event drew 77 attendees for the day-long presentations and demonstration. This included 25 employees of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), 34 city and county engineers, 6 consulting company employees and 12 association/industry people. Several comments were made by the city engineers regarding the quality of the texture and its suitability for use in an urban environment.

“The success of this regional event is an indication of the need for continued research and development of new surfaces for use on city streets and thoroughfares,” said John Roberts, Executive Director, International Grooving and Grinding Association. “We are quite pleased with the reception this new surface received.”

The Open House was sponsored by the City of Neenah, Wis., WCPA, IGGA, Interstate Sealant & Concrete, Interstate Improvement Inc., Quality Saw & Seal, Inc., and Husqvarna Construction Products.