1:1 Mix Ratio Spray Protective Coatings

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Rhinolinings 10074422

The new 1:1 Mix Ration Spray Protective Coatings line includes Rhino TuffGrip 11-90 (polyurethane coating for abrasion resistance), Rhino HardLine 11-55 (hybrid polyurea for surface corrosion protection) and Rhino Extreme 11-90 (low temperature and high humidity tolerant coating). The polyurethanes and polyureas are fast setting and used for containment linings, steel coatings or other applications where protection against abrasion, corrosion and impact is required. Rhino TuffGrip 11-90 is a spray-on elastomer formulation that provides toughness and color stability while retaining the non-skid grip. Rhino HardLine 11-55 is the company's hardest truck bed lining used for applications with heavy impact and scratching. Rhino Extreme 11-90 has a fast cure formulation and provides high physical properties. It provides superior hardness, tensile strength, elongation and tear abrasion resistance.

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