General Tools & Instruments TorchScope Video Recording Flashlight

General Tools TorchScope is a flashlight and a video recorder combination tool that allows the user to record high-definition line-of-sight videos and photos

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The TorchScope Video Recording Flashlight (DCF1) combines an LED flashlight with a camera that can record and store high-definition video and photos.

  • Audio captured simultaneously with video clips; record ambient sound, comments and explanations
  • Media files can be date- and time-stamped to document or create a timeline of projects or events
  • Four buttons on handle control menu access, brightness and illumination-mode selection, photo and video capture, and zoom 
  • Use flashlight independently or in conjunction with integral camera
  • Brightness and illumination-mode selections include 50%, 75%, 100%, fast strobe and S-O-S Morse Code transmission
  • Integral camera has a 60-degree field of view and a 2.4 in.-to-infinity depth of field
  • Photos and video are stored on internal memory card
  • Saved media can be viewed on the LCD viewfinder or on a computer
  • IP68 waterproof for operation in water up to 33 ft. deep
  • Stainless steel housing and non-slip knurled grip
  • Change photo and video resolutions
  • Turn on or off date/time stamp
  • 11 on-screen languages
  • Comes in a custom hard plastic carrying case along with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
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