Equipment Gallery September 2009

A collection of the latest construction equipment and construction products.

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"Green" Air Compressors


These environmentally friendly, onboard air compressors produce 200 psi (duty cycle 100% at 70°), enough power to run a 1/2-in.-drive impact wrench without a tank.

  • Operate on clean and efficient 12- and 24-volt DC electrical power
  • Sealed oil control system
  • Low-voltage circuit protection
  • Low-maintenance, 50-hour service


Oasis Manufacturing

4-ton Asphalt Optimizer


The 4-ton-capacity Asphalt Optimizer features a diesel fired, self-priming 105,000-btu burner with electronic ignition to heat the hopper chamber without applying direct flame.

  • 4-in. tube near the top of the hopper disperses heat throughout the load
  • 26-gal. fuel tank provides for up to 72 hours of heating
  • Digital controller with temperature readout monitors temperature in 1° increments
  • Easy opening top doors for loading hot-mix asphalt
  • Tandem torsion axles rated at 15,000 lbs. provide a lower profile for more stable towing


Cimline, Inc.

955PM Champion Mortar Mixer


The 9-cu.-ft. capacity 955PM Champion full three-bag mortar mixer features a rolled steel drum and offers a choice of several engine options.

  • Quadruple seal and drum bearing system mounted in a removable, patented housing
  • Cowl design delivers five times more ventilation for increased engine airflow
  • Extendible axle to fit easily through doorways
  • Standard lift-away safety guard, safety chain attachment, front post hand clutch and heavy-duty tow pole


Stone Construction Equip. Inc.

All In One Power Systems


All in one air compressor, welder and AC generator systems run off of a single engine, and fit into the same space as a single component.

  • Range from a 13-hp gasoline model up to a 25-hp diesel, with a hydraulic-driven model also available
  • Remote access panel combines all switches, outlets and ports in one panel
  • Fully automatic SMART START feature on Force Diesel Models 200 and 250 runs engine only on demand from the welder and air compressor


Air N Arc Mfg. / Vanair Co.

ClockPoint Kiosk


Exaktime's new ClockPoint Kiosk is software and hardware that turns almost any Windows PC into a networked time clock. ClockPoint works with standard JobClock Keytabs and FastTrakker. ClockPoint stores all time punches locally as a backup to guard against network downtime.


ClockPoint Kiosk software lets office staff clock in on The JobClock System, a time and attendance system designed for use in the field.

  • Software turns any PC, notebook or netbook running Windows XP or Vista into a real-time JobClock
  • Keytab Reader connected via the USB port
  • Employees touch their personal Keytabs or FastTrakkers to the Keytab Reader to clock in/out
  • Time punch immediately transferred to the TimeSummit database via the company's network (wired or wireless)


Exaktime, Inc.



The 49-hp DK50SE HST and the 38-hp DK35SE HST hydrostatic drive tractors are available with standard ROPS or with a fully enclosed cab.

  • Tier IV, four-cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine
  • Electronically engaged four-wheel drive
  • Rear PTO with optional mid-PTO allows use of various implements and attachments
  • Category I three-point hitch
  • One-lever joystick loader control


Kioti Tractor



The 6TSC-DJDST-45D-MC trash pump is designed for moderate flows to 1,750 gpm and heads to 172 ft., and can handle spherical solids up to 3 in.

  • ENVIROPRIME compressor-assisted priming system prevents blow-by
  • Silent Knight sound-attenuated canopy allows operation at 70 dB and below
  • Drop-on canopy design allows enclosure to be added or removed in the field
  • Detachable front access cover plate allows for removal of foriegn material without disconnecting the suction or discharge piping


Thompson Pump & Mfg. Co., Inc.



The FastMeasure mobile distance measuring device helps contractors quickly and accurately measure parking lots, roads, utilities and more from the comfort of their vehicle up to highway speeds.

  • Mounts on the vehicle dashboard
  • Can also be mounted on concrete saws, crack routers, striping machines, etc. for accurate job accounting
  • Scooter package consists of a foldable 450-watt electric scooter, mounted distance measuring device, paint wand and clipboard for measuring and laying out jobsites at up to 15 mph


FastMeasure by KTP Enterprises, Inc.

HEM550 Excavator Drill


The HEM550 drilling tool is used for blasting, soil nails, anchors, micropiles and geothermal heating and cooling.

  • Utilizes the TE550 patented hydraulic drifter, which goes to an idle mode when the down force on the drill string is decreased, eliminating dry firing
  • Comes standard with radio and cable controls
  • 360° positioning of the mast
  • Can change between drill and bucket in 15 minutes with a quick coupler


TEI Rock Drills

Hi-T500 Track Dumper


The Hi-T500 Tracked Hauler is built on a 28-in., two-speed, hydrostatic, self-propelled, tracked platform powered by a 9 1/2-hp Kubota diesel engine that runs at a low 86 dB.

  • Narrow width provides the ability to fit through a standard doorway
  • Minimum 1,100-lb. load capacity or a half yard of concrete, with optional side extensions to accommodate more material
  • Bucket has a tip height of over 8 ft., and can completely flip over for dumping material on the ground
  • Optional power take-off


Access Construction Equipment / Miniveyor USA

Hi-Vis Hi-Lite Mini Flashlight


The Hi-Vis Hi-Lite mini flashlight clips to the handle of several Lowell Corp. ratchet wrenches to help workers find and adjust nuts in dark areas.

  • Measures 3 5/8 in. long, 3/4 in. in diameter and weighs 1.9 oz. with its detachable clip
  • Includes a water-resistant aluminum housing with anodized protective finish and a spring steel clip
  • 20-lumen brightness provided by a replaceable standard AA battery
  • Optional on new Triple Square and Double Shot wrenches and can be retrofit to older models


Lowell Corporation

Hose Guard Products


Kurt Hydraulics offers four styles of hose protection products including the spring wire guard, spiral steel wrap, nylon sleeve guard and spiral poly wrap.

  • Designed for use in rugged operating applications to stop premature failure due to wear, abrasion and deep cuts
  • Available as a complete hydraulic hose, coupling and protection system
  • Available in a full range of diameters and lengths to fit most applications


Kurt Hydraulics



The rugged, lightweight HydraSaws use hydraulic direct drive power to maintain constant cutting speeds and torque without excessive noise, vibration or exhaust fumes.

  • Available in models with cutting depths from 5 1/4 to 9 1/2 in.
  • Cut concrete, stone, brick, block, aggregate, rebar, pipe and steel beams with the appropriate blade
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Can be run from a HydraPak or another compatible hydraulic power supply, such as excavation equipment
  • Hydraulic hose lengths of up to 100 ft.


Reimann & Georger Corp.

Icon-O-Lite Aluminum Trench Box System


The Icon-O-Lite aluminum trench box system offers a lightweight and compact alternative to heavy steel trench boxes.

  • Versatile, durable, modular design
  • Easily transported in the back of a pickup
  • Assembled and disassembled with two laborers
  • Panels available in 3- to 12-ft. lengths
  • Wall thickness of 2.5 in.


Icon Equipment Distributors

Integrated Construction Software Solutions


Maxwell Systems provides management software solutions that help construction companies streamline operations and increase efficiencies.

  • Solutions for estimating, job cost accounting, and project management
  • Products include American Contractor, Management Suite, StreetSmarts, Quest Estimating, and Estimation Logistics


Maxwell Systems, Inc.

Michelin XHA2 Loader Tire


The XHA2 loader tire is intended for loaders in quarries and cement plants and on construction and infrastructure work sites.

  • Incorporates additional rubber in the tread, crack-absorbing rubber compounds and self-cleaning tread blocks
  • Sidewalls strengthened with a protective rib and anti-scrape shields
  • Optimized traction reduces rolling resistance and fuel consumption
  • Currently available in sizes 26.5R25 and 23.5R25


Michelin North America

MTP 6500FH Trash Pump


The MTP 6500FH 6-in. enclosed dry prime trash pump generates just 70 dB(A) at 23 ft., making it suited for use in residential areas.

  • Flows up to 2,450 gpm and maximum heads up to 145 ft.
  • Handles up to 3-in. solids
  • Fully lockable flip-hood enclosure
  • High chrome cast iron impeller and ductile iron volute and wear plates
  • 110-gal. fuel tank with over 30-hour run time
  • Auto start/stop controls


Magnum Products LLC

Ranger 225 GXT Welder Generator


The Ranger 225 GXT welder generator delivers smooth AC/DC welding output and 10,500 watts peak generator power.

  • Fully enclosed case for engine protection and lower noise
  • 225 amp/25 volt welding output for stick, TIG, MIG and flux-cored welding as well as arc gouging
  • High-capacity AC generator provides 9,000 watts of continuous generator power


Lincoln Electric Co

SDS Plus Rotary Hammers


In addition to advanced lithium ion battery technology, the SDS plus Lithium Ion cordless rotary hammers are packed with features to maximize durability, user comfort and convenience including dual speed modes, idle strike restrictors, tool-less chucks, and accessible carbon brushes.

  • 18-volt DH18DL can drill up to 105 holes on one charge
  • 25.2-volt DH25DAL delivers 0-750/0-1,500 rpm and 0-3,100/0-6,200 bpm for optimal performance
  • Factory set slip clutches
  • Two-step speed switches


Hitachi Power Tools

Spectra Precision Laser LR20 Receiver


The Spectra Precision Laser LR20 is a standalone display receiver for mini-excavators, backhoes, scrapers, skid-steer attachments, box blades and small dozers.

  • Designed for both elevation and depth grade control
  • Enables tighter tolerances without the need for a grade checker
  • Can be moved from machine to machine with features and setup options for multiple applications and specifications
  • Powered by NiMH rechargeable batteries or direct machine power


Trimble Navigation Limited

Submersible Drainage/Sludge Pumps


These submersible drainage/sludge pumps offer triple wear resistance to prevent abrasive particles from reaching vulnerable components.

  • Range from 1.9 to 85 hp and deliver between 155 and 5,000 gpm
  • SMART electronic motor guard stops the pump in situations such as a phase dropout, overheating or overloading
  • Hydraulics section with closed impeller enables easy impeller adjustment
  • Impeller automatically functions as a fan to cool the pump motor, bearings and seals in the event of dry running


Grindex Pumps

Trackhoe Track Cleaner


The Trackhoe makes daily track cleaning easier by allowing faster and easier removal of dirt due to less residue buildup on the tool.

  • Made of industrial-strength, powder-coated metal with a 1 1/2-in. wooden handle
  • Works for cleaning under final drives on high track equipment
  • Fits into tighter areas around driver and idler ends of tracks
  • Can also be used to level dirt around valves and posts, smooth the bottom of narrow trenches, clean shaker screens on drilling rigs and more