Smart Compaction

New compaction technology highlighted at ConExpo.

There was thousands of square feet to walk, hundreds of manufacturers to visit, and many, many new products to see at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2005 last month in Las Vegas. We'll highlight many of these new machines and technologies in the next issue of Asphalt Contractor, but we wanted to take a look at some of the new designs compaction manufacturers were introducing at the show.

Bomag introduced its new BW190AD-4 HF tandem vibratory roller. Completely new from the ground up, the BW190AD-4 HF offers 79-inch-wide drums and a 131-hp Deutz water-cooled diesel engine. The unit delivers 28,800 pounds of centrifugal force in low amplitude/high frequency (3,600 vpm) and 40,950 pounds in high amplitude/low frequency (2,800 vpm). Independent drum vibration control and standard dual amplitudes allows the roller to handle a variety of lift thicknesses and applications ranging from granular bases to Superpave.

To ensure maximum compaction power per pass, the BW190AD-4 HF is available with Bomag's optional Asphalt Manager technology. The Asphalt Manager system automatically measures and controls the compaction performance of the roller, ensuring continuously optimized compaction results. Vital information, including the current effective amplitude, asphalt surface temperature and vibration values for compaction increases, is available to the operator at all times. This technology allows the user to determine the exact number of passes needed to meet density and quality requirements, and it can provide a printed document for your records.

Along similar lines, Ammann America highlighted its ACE System for its vibratory rollers. ACE — or Ammann Compaction Expert — is an electronic measuring and regulating system. The equipment permanently measures the stiffness of the compacted layer material and indicates the value to the operator. Each pass of the machine provides a full reporting of compaction measurements and automatically adjusts the vibration parameters amplitude and frequency. The system also indicates the optimum travel speed of the roller to the operator to guarantee constant impact spacing.

The working principle of ACE is the automatic adjustment of the compaction energy due to the stiffness of the compacted material — the compaction energy is reduced with increasing stiffness of the layer. The result is that areas that have already reached high stiffness values will be compacted with small nominal vibration amplitudes.

The ACE System is installed in the front drum. The vibration mode of the rear drum is automatically regulated in support of the specific mode of the front drum. This assures that the rear drum will not over compact the results that are achieved with the regulated front drum.

The Hamm Compaction Division of Wirtgen America Inc. also introduced some exclusive technology. The Hamm HD O120V asphalt compactor incorporates the company's oscillation technology. The new roller has an operating weight of 26,345 pounds, a drum width of 78 inches, an offset working width of 81.5 inches, and a working speed of 3.9 mph. The rear drum features oscillation compaction with oscillation forces of 46,125 to 62,775 pounds. The front drum features conventional vibration at a top frequency of 3,000 vpm.

Oscillation compaction works by using horizontal shear forces on hot mix asphalt (HMA), rather than by forcing it downwards by an up-and-down motion. Unlike traditional vibratory compactors that achieve compaction by "bouncing" the drum on the ground, Hamm's oscillation technology ensures that the oscillation drum maintains constant contact with the ground for fast, effective compaction.

Stone SFA3500 Silver Fox Plate

Stone Construction Equipment introduces the SFA3500 Silver Fox forward plate designed for asphalt applications. Unit directs 3,500 pounds of eccentric force to the asphalt. Ideal for patching and finishing, the plate features a unique base plate geometry, more centrally-located eccentrics and a larger effective contact surface. Additional features include a synchronized drive system and 13-quart removable water tank. Power is supplied by either Honda, Briggs or Robin engines.

LeeBoy 685B Motor Grader

Powered by a 110-hp turbocharged diesel engine, the LeeBoy 685B motor grader features a 10-foot sliding moldboard, scarifier and front blade. Hydrostatic drive and 18-degree articulation enhance maneuverability. Other features include all-wheel drive and hydraulic blade control.

Superior L.E.D. Traffic-Manager

The L.E.D. Traffic-Manager arrow boards from Superior Signals are available in 24x48, 30x60, 36x72 and 48x96 sizes with options of 13, 15 or 25 lights per board. The arrow boards are available with 20-, 30-, 40- or 50-foot harness for various applications. All units meet M.U.T.C.D. specifications and feature aluminum panels and frame. Mounting options include a tailgate mount, side bar with side legs for a 90-degree rotation or 180-degree power lift kit.

Vogele HR500E Screed

The new HR500E electrically heated, rear-mounted extension screed from Vögele America has a unique box frame design with multiple horizontally positioned guide tubes. This provides maximum rigidity and strength to ensure zero flexing, even at the widest paving width. The exclusive pre-strike off positioned in front of the extension screed provides a consistent rolling head of material required for uniform mat texture, density and smoothness. The rigid sloping base design allows each end of the extension screed base to slope independently for maximum alignment with the main screed, resulting in a more consistent and smooth mat.

Houghton Hydraulic Fluid

The biodegradable Cosmolubric B-230 hydraulic fluid from Houghton International is suitable for use in heavy, off-highway equipment. The vegetable oil based fluid is fire-resistant and a low-cost alternative to conventional, synthetic fire-resistant fluids. The hydraulic fluid eliminates the risk of environmental damage from leaks and spills.

Maddock Backhoe Mill Attachment

This milling attachment from Maddock Industries is designed for pavement cuts for utility access or culvert replacement. Unit attaches to all modern backhoe-loaders in minutes using the same pin size and spacing as the bucket. Designed to cut above grade even on steep slopes, the 24-inch-wide cutter provides a 12-inch maximum cutting depth and is powered by the carrier's auxiliary hydraulic connection. An engine-driven version is also available.

Endless Visions J 4 Flagger's Workstation

The J 4 Flagger's Workstation from Endless Visions offers FHWA/MUTCD interim approval and meets NCHRP 350 requirements. Unit features a 25-foot retractable wired remote control reel. The 180-degree rotating, telescopic pole extends to 13 feet. Other features include wind-resistant, vented full-face paddle; four retractable outriggers and height adjusters for uneven terrain; and safety yellow with orange reflective material for high visibility.

Zanetis Cold Planer Attachments

These cold planers for skid steers feature drive motors submerged in the drum for greater side clearance to vertical obstacles. An 8-inch cutting depth is featured on the 16- to 24-inch models; a 10-inch depth is featured on the 30- to 40-inch units. A 5-inch tooth tip to drum clearance reduces drag in the cut. The 16- to 24-inch models are available with an optional lateral milling feature for 90-degree drum rotation. The hydraulic tilt, depth and sideshift can be activated from the operator's seat.

Water Cannon Intelligent Pressure Washer

The new Intelligent Design mobile pressure washer offers 4,000 psi and Honda power. Unit automatically senses engine oil level, filters incoming water, dissipates excess heat, senses pump temperature and releases static back pressure. Features include first-pull starting, easy-to-read controls, superior cooling and lubrication system and vibration reduction.

Bid2Win 2005

Bid2Win Software releases Bid2Win 2005, the Microsoft .NET/SQL Server version of its Windows-based construction estimating and bidding application. Software allows the program to run on equipment from a laptop to an enterprise server implementation serving multiple users and includes over 200 user-requested features. Designed as a core component of Bidding Intelligence, the system combines real-time control of estimate and bid data with subcontractor/vendor collaboration and cross-bid reporting.

Deere 844J Wheel Loader

The new John Deere 844J wheel loader is powered by a 380-hp PowerTech diesel engine. The Powershift transmission provides smart shift technology by continuously sensing speeds and loads and adjusting clutch pressures accordingly. Features include 7.25-cubic-yard nominal bucket capacity, 42,911-pound full-turn tipping load, 54,500-pound bucket breakout and standard ride control.