Matthew Reinhart

Senior Marketing Specialist at Fleet Cost & Care

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Matt Reinhart is a Senior Marketing Specialist, who works with company leadership and sales teams to cultivate Fleet Cost & Care’s brand relevance. Through corporate sponsorships, exciting events, and engaging content across a variety of channels Matt seeks to demonstrate the value of Fleet Cost & Care’s people and its software solutions. With six years of brand marketing experience, Matt knows that it takes a lot to stand out to consumers, and it is vital to connect with the people you are trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them.

At Fleet Cost & Care, Matt manages the company’s IndyCar sponsorship that is responsible for considerable growth in brand awareness and several valuable business partnerships. He is critical in the planning an execution of the company’s successful, recurring, Interface conferences. Matt is a contributor to the company’s fleet management blog, website content, advertising efforts, and their social media.

Matt holds a bachelor’s degree in government from Georgetown University.