AgileMapper from Roadbotics Helps Document Infrastructure Assets

AgileMapper snaps, tags and maps assets with the speed and power of artificial intelligence. Tasks like asset inventories and inspections, monitoring sidewalks and tracking multiple projects can now be streamlined and simplified

Agile Mapper On Tablet

RoadBotics has released the AgileMapper platform to help users digitize their infrastructure assets and manage projects efficiently. AgileMapper snaps, tags and maps assets with the speed and power of artificial intelligence. 

“After almost a year in the making, AgileMapper has evolved into a powerful standalone platform and app to easily capture, view, and assess infrastructure data,” explains Matt Lucas, head of product at RoadBotics. “It [AgileMapper] opens the door to a wide range of industries looking for a better solution to digitizing and managing data.”

AgileMapper users collect photos of assets using a smartphone, and artificial intelligence goes to work tagging objects present in the images. Uploaded images appear instantly on the desktop platform. Tedious processes like asset inventories and inspections, monitoring sidewalks, and tracking multiple projects are simplified with AgileMapper. 

“We are excited to release a product that will help governments, civil engineering firms, and construction companies manage their infrastructure assets and projects more effectively,” said Benjamin Schmidt, Ph.D., CEO and Co-Founder of RoadBotics. “The feedback we received from our clients was an integral part of the AgileMapper production process, and we could not have built this platform without their input.”

RoadBotics is well known for their automated pavement assessment technology that marries the simplicity of using a smartphone for data collection with the efficiency and accuracy of artificial intelligence. The new AgileMapper is the most recent addition to their product lineup.