Chao: Trump’s Infrastructure Package to Include Wage Protections

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said that President Donald Trump's proposed infrastructure spending would include wage protections for construction workers that Democrats have demanded in exchange for their support.

The Hill

President Trump’s infrastructure bill is expected to include wage protections for federal workers — a provision key to winning Democratic support.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, speaking during a House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing on Thursday, indicated that the administration’s rebuilding package will contain wage requirements mandated by the Davis-Bacon Act.

The nearly century-old law requires employees working on federally funded construction projects to be paid prevailing wages.

Conservative groups recently laid out an infrastructure wish list that calls for repealing “draconian” labor regulations, which could set up a battle between Republicans and Democrats over the administration’s infrastructure effort.

“Heritage Foundation research shows that repealing Davis-Bacon and reinvesting the funds back into infrastructure would add over 160,000 construction jobs to the Economy,” the document says.

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