NPE West 2008 Attendees Travel Great Distances

NPE West attracks attendees from all over the world.

Not only were the types of businesses contractors ran different, but the areas they came from varied as well. And some contractors travelled great distances to attend the show. Contractors from the West Coast were joined by Midwest and East Coast contractors. Other attendees came from outside of the United States. Some contractors came from as far as Australia and Belize to attend this year's NPE West show.

For many contractors, this was their first time attending one of the National Pavement Expos. Whether traveling long or short distances and whether this is a new experience or a reoccurring trip every year, National Pavement Expo West had something for everyone. It is clear that the importance and benefits of NPE West have far reaching effects for the entire pavement maintenance industry.

National Pavement Expo 2009 will be February 18-21 in Charlotte, NC. Please visit to learn more.

Above: Andrew Perryn (left), Linemarkers South East Queensland, traveled all the way from Australia to attend NPE West. Pictured with Pavement Editor Allan Heydorn (center) and NPE/NPE West speaker Mick Vinckier, Miktom Parking Lot Maintenance.

The crew of Road Builders Corp. came all the way from Hawaii to attend NPE West. They are pictured here with presenter John Ball (center), Top-Quality Paving, who makes several visits each year to the Aloha State to help Road Builders (and other contractors) improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and success of their paving operation, and editor of Pavement Allan Heydorn (right).

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