Worthington Joins Pavement Advisory Board

New Pavement Advisory Board member.

Incoming Pavement Advisory Board Member Dave Worthington, Worthington Paving, Visalia, CA, is a regular attendee at NPE West and this year was no different. A second-generation owner of the 46-year-old paving company, Worthington generates 60% of work from paving, 20% from grading, and 20% from sealcoating; 20% of the company’s work is subcontracted from larger area companies.

“Ours is a hands-on business,” Worthington says. “I’m right there on every job with the guys and I can see what’s going on, so I know it’s going to be done right. “I always tell them ‘Let’s take a little more time and do it right the first time. Go-backs cost money.’

“And I enjoy the work,” he says. “If you don’t enjoy the work, get out of the business.”

To learn about the other new additions to Pavement’s Advisory Board keep an eye out for January 2009 issue of Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction. And if you aren’t yet a subscriber, sign up here for a free subscription.

National Pavement Expo 2009 will be February 18-21 in Charlotte, NC. Please visit www.nationalpavementexpo.com to learn more.

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