NPE Product Preview 2007

The Airlessco R/S Ride & Stripe, the Broom Bear, Gehl 1648 and 1448 Pavers and more.

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Airlessco R/S Ride & Stripe

  • Stripes up to 10 mph
  • Honda 5.5-hp overhead valve engine
  • Oil alert and impact protection bar
  • Hydraulic drive, 5-qt. hydraulic system
  • Dual wheel brakes
  • 1- or 2-foot forward/reverse operation with adjustable pedals

Airlessco by Durotech Co.

Broom Bear

  • 350-gal. water tank
  • 4.5-cu.-yd. volumetric capacity variable dump height hopper
  • Short wheel base
  • Single engine design

Elgin Sweeper Co.

Gehl 1648 and 1448 Pavers

  • Power Box asphalt pavers are designed for commercial and municipal work
  • Two, fully adjustable screed options
  • 4- to 13-ft. paving widths
  • 4-ft. 9-in. to 5-ft. 5-in. wall height for better operator visibility
  • 1648 has the option of attaching material augers to the extensions


Wacker RD 27 Series

  • 2.5-ton class ride-on roller series
  • RD 27-100 model has 39.4-in. drum, Model RD 27-120 has 47.2-in. drum
  • Dual vibration frequencies
  • Throttle level controls exciter frequency in each drum, adjusting centrifugal force to the high or low position
  • Single, hydraulic control lever with built-in vibration control switch

Wacker Corp.

LeeBoy Legend Electric Screed

  • Electrically heated screed for commercial class pavers 16,000-lb. and under
  • Available for the 8500 and 8515 models with an 8- to 15-ft. paving width, and on the 24,000-lb. 8816 model with an 8- to 15.5-ft. paving width


Asphalt Emulsion Tack

  • AASHTO-certified
  • 5-gal. buckets
  • Resealable lid
  • Stable in storage
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Most grades available with DOT certification

Blacklidge Emulsions, Inc.

SR-300 Pickup Unit

  • Hydraulic agitation with variable speed forward and reverse
  • 30-gal. Emglo air compressor with 13-hp electric start Honda
  • 1½-in. Wilden air-operated, dual-diaphragm pump
  • 3-gal. filter pot assembly
  • Hannay hose reel with 100 ft. of hose and 6½-ft. spray wand


Champion C80 C, C86 C Graders

  • Redesigned front axle provides 50° of steering angle left and right
  • 25-ft. straight frame turning radius with a 19-ft. radius when fully articulated
  • 21-in.-high moldboard offers 4-ft. blade lift stance for increased featherability

Champion Motor Graders

Super Shot Melter/Applicator

  • No valves, few moving parts
  • No hose pressure build-up
  • Available in three sizes
  • Optional compressor, auto loader, engine cover, router carrier

Crafco Inc.

Black Repair Mastic

  • Wide crack repair
  • Crack leveling
  • Pot hole repair
  • Manhole and utility box leveling

Deery American Corp.

Stone SFA3500 Silver Fox Plate

  • Forward plate directs 3,500 lbs. of eccentric force to the asphalt
  • Unique base plate geometry, more centrally-located eccentrics, larger effective contact surface
  • Features a synchronized drive system, 13-qt. removable water tank, custom sprinkler system and carbon-steel one-piece base plate

Stone Construction Equipment

Truncated Domes

  • Individual detectable warnings
  • Install along vehicular ways, access ramps, transit stations, and as edge protection to meet ADA guidelines
  • White or yellow, with glass beads
  • 0.20 in. nominal height
  • Installed by licensed contractors only

Vanguard ADA Systems of America Inc.


  • Decorative, multicolor, interconnected preformed thermoplastic
  • For crosswalks, logos, horizontal signage, driveways, parks, sidewalks, and more
  • High-skid resistance and retroreflectivity
  • Apply with propane heat torch

Flint Trading, Inc.

Ray-Tech RC16000D

  • Self-contained 8-ton infrared reclaimer and storage unit
  • Hydraulic loading and discharging doors
  • Truck-mounted dumping unit
  • Reclaims, holds and stores plant mix and previously used asphalt at working temperatures for extended intervals

Ray-Tech Infrared Corp.

Tymco Model 600

  • Regenerative air sweeper
  • Mounted on a GMC "T" Series
  • Won't exhaust dust into the atmosphere
  • 15-minute change-out of broom
  • Optional broom-assist pick-up head

Tymco Inc.

Ingersoll Rand PF-6110 Paver

  • Track-mounted paver features an auger system independent of conveyor system
  • Sonic sensors for precise material handling
  • 14.4-ton hopper capacity allows production rate of 820 tph
  • Paving speed of 246 fpm
  • Travel speed of 11.4 mph
  • Optional reversible augers and conveyors

Ingersoll Rand

Pavement Sealer

  • Asphalt, Acrylic, Coal-Tar formulations
  • Nationwide manufacturing locations and distribution centers
  • Protects from chemicals, moisture and oxidation
  • Advanced polymer technologies available


Cimline Matrix 1500

  • 150-gal. melter/applicator
  • Combines features from Magma series and Garlock Equipment pumping technology
  • Heats/maintains temperature within 1° F
  • Optional on-board compressor, heat lance

Cimline Inc.

FASS-DRI Sealer Additive

  • Fortified with Sand Suspension Additive
  • Blackest color - toughest film
  • Available in 2-gallon pails
  • For coal tar, asphalt or blends

Maintenance Inc.

ULTRA Bond UB300

  • Decorative asphalt surface coatings to preserve and restore old or new asphalt
  • 2-part epoxy formula for driveways, pathways, and architectural applications
  • Environmentally friendly, low-odor, water based, and UV and stain resistant
  • Variety of colors available
  • Apply roller method, spray, or brush on


A9000 Mechanical Air Sweeper

  • Modeled after A7000, 9.6-cu.-yd. hopper
  • Low-dumping hopper; dump angle of 53°
  • Dust suppression 250-gal. water capacity
  • Dual-chambered pickup head
  • Sweeps-in-Reverse capability
  • Gutter broom Extension Override system

Schwarze Industries, Inc.

Nite-Hawk NH 400-DX Model

  • Ideal for light construction debris pickup
  • HFP hydraulic sweeping system
  • 4-cubic-yard hopper, 81-in. pick-up head
  • 109-in. wheel base
  • Available on a cab-over diesel chassis

Nite-Hawk Sweepers